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'Anywhere with my family is a dream vacation' - Rohit Purohit

Rohit Purohit takes quick grill questions…

Dashing Rohit Purohit takes our quick grill questions and informs us of his marriage plans and his supposed hiatus from small screen.

What would you call your style?
Very simple and I dont overdress.

What is more important to you - challenge or comfort and why?
For me challenge is more important, because it pushes you towards your limit and helps you to discover yourself every time.

What are the advantages of getting older?
There are so many of them, but for me the advantages of getting older is, that you get so much respect from people, your decisions matters and the amount of experience you get from your past, makes your life ahead easier.

What do you enjoy on a rainy day?
Swimming and a cup of coffee - it is an amazing feeling when you are in the pool and it is raining.

Your dream vacation?
Since I live alone in Mumbai and my family is back in Jaipur – So, anywhere and any time with family.

Your favourite parfume label?
Paco Rabanne (Black XS) and Hugo Boss.

You and Veebha (Vibha) Anand have been dating for a year now, any plans set for marriage?
Touchwood it's been a year, but no plans for marriage in near future.

One thing you always have to either wear or carry with you?
Cell phone and a cap.

Any message for your fans?
I really want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for loving me and liking my work, it means a lot to me. I am on a break these and not taking any show, because your expectations make want to do only good work and I'm choosy.

Reporter - Nadia Malik
Author - Medha Parashar


Veebha (Vibha) Anand Rohit Purohit

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Mishh007 8 years ago thnx for the interview tellybuzz...where is he nowadays...??..no soaps nowadays...
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