Anupamaa: Vanraj warns Anuj to stay away from Anupama & family; Anupama requests his departure

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Anupamaa, Vanraj warns Anuj strongly and tells him to keep his distance from the family. At the same time, Anupama requests that Anuj leave for the time being.

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In tonight's episode of Anupamaa, Anupama shares a memory about when she was pregnant after Toshu, and everyone expected a girl, but Samar was born, and he was beautiful and fair-skinned. She was cautious with him. Vanraj adds that Samar was mischievous. Anupama mentions how Samar was always in her lap while Toshu was closer to Vanraj. When Pakhi was born, she was on Vanraj's team. Anupama talks about Baa being on Vanraj's side and Babu Ji supporting her, but Samar was her special connection. She gets emotional, saying life hasn't taught them how to live without Samar. Vanraj reflects on the tradition of a son lighting his father's funeral pyre, but sadly, he had to do the same for Samar.

Anuj overhears their conversation and feels sad. Later, they gather for a mourning meeting. Some ladies gossip, speculating about Dimpy's future and the unborn child's luck. Anupama scolds them, asking for support and not demotivation. She reminds them that the baby has lost its father but has family and a mother's support. Anuj tries to console Anupama but is stopped by Vanraj, who pushes him away. Vanraj instructs Anuj to stay away from Anupama and their family and starts escorting him towards the door. Anuj cries out, exclaiming his innocence. Just as Vanraj is about to push him out, Samar's photo frame falls, startling everyone. Anupama retrieves the frame and intervenes, urging Vanraj to stop.

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Anuj attempts to defend himself, explaining that he couldn't tolerate someone mistreating a girl. He emphasizes how well his wife understands him, even hearing his heartbeat. Anuj asserts his innocence, expressing his love for Samar and questioning why he would take his buddy's life. Anupama imparts a powerful message about pain and refrains from placing blame. She considers this pain to be her final gift from Samar and asks Anuj to leave temporarily. Anuj gently holds her saree pallu and wishes her well before departing, leaving Vanraj looking on. As he steps out, Anuj reflects on the recent events. He is devastated and sits by his car, talking to his buddy, feeling blamed for Samar's death.

Babu Ji approaches Anupama and offers her food. Anupama declines the offer. Babu Ji reminds her that, as a mother, she needs to eat for the sake of her baby, even if she doesn't feel like it. He urges her to have a meal so that she can nourish Dimpy. Baa, on the other hand, tries to feed Vanraj and encourages him to ensure that Toshu and Pakhi also have their meals. She trusts that Anupama will take care of Dimpy. Anupama enters Dimpy's room and finds her resting on the bed with Samar's t-shirt beside her.

Precap: Anupama erases "Maa" from her name on a slate, and Samar questions her. She promises to help everyone overcome their trauma and remember him with a smile.

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