Anupamaa: Vanraj insists Pakhi return to India

Anupamaa written update, 4 April 2024: Vanraj informs Pakhi that her departure for India is imminent, but Pakhi vehemently refuses, insisting she won't go back.

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Anupamaa: Vanraj insists Pakhi return to India
Pakhi and Vanraj from Anupamaa. Image Courtesy: Star Plus

In tonight's Anupamaa episode, Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) confidently addresses the judges, acknowledging the tough competition but asserting her determination to prove herself. One of the Judges is impressed by her resolve, while the lady judge admires her strength despite facing limitations. A Judge expresses a desire to highlight her shortcomings, to which Anupama resolves not to worry, trusting in the will of Kanha ji.

Vanraj informs Pakhi that her departure for India is imminent, but Pakhi vehemently refuses, insisting she won't go back and implying the ticket expense is inconsequential. Meanwhile, Anupama finishes her audition and shares her experience with Vikram, who advises her to rest. However, Anupama expresses her desire to celebrate with them, marvelling at her unexpected journey to the big stage and her ability to articulate herself to the judges in English. She reflects on the joyous simplicity of celebrations in India, proposing a toast with chocolates before bidding farewell.

Pakhi's attempt to convince Vanraj:

Vanraj persists in his insistence that Pakhi return to India, prompting her defiant outburst. Baa intervenes, expressing concern for Vanraj's sleep, but Pakhi asserts that Aarush is just a friend assisting her with her business plans. An emotional confrontation ensues, during which Pakhi calls Vanraj  "Papa yaar," triggering Vanraj's rebuke and assertion of his parental authority. Baa suggests calling Anupama for assistance, but Pakhi rejects the idea, emphasising the severed ties between them. Anupama arrives, asserting her maternal rights and recounting her sacrifices for them despite Vanraj's previous decree banning her from the Shah household.

Anupama confronts Pakhi, reaffirming her maternal bond and expressing her longing to see her despite the family's neglect. She acknowledges her decision to stay away for five years but reiterates her unconditional love and support. An emotional exchange follows, during which Anupama confronts Pakhi's misunderstanding and reaffirms her commitment to her maternal duties, even if it means facing legal consequences. Anupama admits she hesitated to visit but decided to come after receiving Kinjal's message. Upon inquiring about Babu ji, Kavya mentions his fall, leading to a moment of uncertainty as Toshu and Vanraj exchange looks, leaving Anupama feeling doubtful.

Shruti returns Anupama's family photo:

Shruti and Anuj discuss wedding plans, with Shruti suggesting booking the White House for their reception. As Anuj writes a letter to Anupama, Shruti discovers a family photo in his wallet, indicating his lingering feelings for Anupama. Later, Anupama visits Babu ji, expressing regret for their inability to protect him. Vanraj apologises as well, and Anupama shares her hopeful outlook despite the audition outcome. Kavya and Kinjal express their support, with Kavya expressing her wish for Anupama and Anuj to reconcile.


Anuj and Shruti encounter Anupama on the street, and Shruti offers her a ride, insisting on discussing her future plans. Anupama declines at first but eventually accepts, revealing her joy at passing the preliminary round of the superstar chef competition. Anuj expresses his happiness for Anupama's success, praising her culinary skills and their potential to win hearts once again. Anupama interrupts their conversation to attend her dance class, leaving Anuj and Shruti behind. Before parting ways, Shruti gives Anupama the family photo, implying its interference in Anuj's life.

Precap for the next episode:

In the upcoming episode, Anupama injures her hand but remains determined to succeed in the competition, showcasing her resilience and determination.

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