Anupamaa: Shruti regains consciousness

Anupamaa written update, 23 April 2024: Anuj and Aadhya rejoice as Shruti begins to regain consciousness.

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Anupamaa: Shruti regains consciousness
Shruti from the show Anupamaa. Image Courtesy: Star Plus

In tonight's Anupamaa episode, Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) notices Aadhya's distress and extends her support. Leela expresses her frustration towards Kinjal and Toshu for not returning to India with the family and blames Vanraj for their swift return. Vanraj, in turn, accuses Anupama of prioritising her concern for Anuj and Aadhya over worrying about Toshu and Kinjal. However, Hasmuk supports Anupama in this conflict. Pakhi sympathises with Aadhya and Pari's situation, while Dimple suspects that Anuj and Shruti's marriage has been called off. 

Vanraj further accuses Anupama of interfering in Anuj and Shruti's relationship and implies that she has a history of pursuing wealthy men. Kavya defends Anupama against Vanraj's allegations, but Vanraj insists that he knows Anupama's true nature. Hasmuk asserts that he knows Anupama better than anyone else and urges the family to pray for Shruti.

Anuj worries about losing Shruti or Aadhya:

Anupama continues to offer support to Aadhya, while Anuj worries about losing Shruti or Aadhya. Anupama reassures Anuj and encourages him to remain strong, promising that everything will be alright. Upon returning home, Anupama updates Kinjal about Aadhya and Shruti's condition but declines Kinjal's offer to rest, citing issues with Toshu. Toshu and Kinjal find themselves at odds due to Anupama's actions, while Vanraj reflects on Titu and Dimple's situation. Hasmuk and Leela express concern for Anupama, and Vanraj receives a significant phone call.

Anupama experiences restlessness in her sleep, prompting Vanraj to worry about the family's reaction to an impending visitor. Kavya confronts Vanraj about the situation, but Vanraj urges her to focus on welcoming the guests rather than speculating. Vanraj introduces Prateek to Dimple and the family, sparking Kavya's suspicions about his intentions regarding their alliance. Anuj checks in on Aadhya, who is writing positive affirmations for Shruti, while the doctor summons Anuj to the hospital. Kavya confronts Vanraj about his motives regarding Dimple and Prateek's alliance, leading to Vanraj's confession. Dimple engages in a conversation with Titu.

Vanraj admits his dislike for Titu:

Leela and Hasmuk question Vanraj about his deceit, and Vanraj admits his dislike for Titu and doubts his career prospects. Kavya voices her disagreement with Vanraj's treatment of Dimple and Titu, leading to a heated argument between them. Anuj and Aadhya rejoice as Shruti begins to regain consciousness, while Kinjal spends quality time with Pari, who refuses to eat breakfast. Yashdeep informs Anupama of his visit to the hospital and offers her accommodation. Anupama gently declines Yashdeep's offer and decides to share a room with KD. 

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Anuj is most useless man ever. Anupamaa is getting premonitions about shahs even in so called Amreeka? Vahan hi kyun nahi chali jaati....

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