Anupamaa: Shruti ponders making Anupama jealous

Anupamaa written update, 9 April 2024: Shruti contemplates making her jealous to help Anuj move on.

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Anupamaa: Shruti ponders making Anupama jealous
Rupali Ganguly as Anupama from the show Anupamaa. Image Courtesy: Star Plus

In tonight's Anupamaa episode, George inquires about Anupama's (Rupali Ganguly) culinary creation. Anupama proudly declares she's crafting a traditional Gujarati delicacy, Undi. She elaborates on the recipe, garnering praise from the judge, who encourages her to continue. Hasmukh expresses concern for Anupama's well-being, fearing she might be given insufficient time. However, Pari reassures him, hailing Anupama as a superwoman. Amidst the cooking competition, Vanraj (Sudhanshu Pandey) interrupts Ansh, prompting Hasmukh to support the young boy's interest in cooking. Ansh asserts his passion for culinary arts, despite opposition from Leela and Vanraj. Hasmuk advocates for gender equality in the kitchen, urging the children to learn from Anupama when they grow up, much to their excitement.

As the contenders present their dishes, Anupama nervously awaits her turn. The judge announces that the winner of this round will receive a coveted chef's cap. Despite her apprehension, Anupama confidently presents her Undi dish, emphasizing its nutritional value. Impressed by her culinary skills, the judge commends Anupama's resilience despite her injury, awarding her the chef's cap and qualifying her for the next round. The judge outlines the challenge for the upcoming round, leaving Anupama feeling anxious.

Vanraj to return to India:

Vikram tasks Shruti and Anuj with tasting the dishes, while Yashdeep eagerly awaits Anupama's return. Anuj eagerly anticipates congratulating Anupama, revealing his knowledge of the Super Star chef show, much to Shruti's surprise. Anupama expresses her determination to succeed in the next round, while Shruti contemplates making her jealous to help Anuj move on. As preparations for Anuj's sangeet ensue, Yashdeep worries about the fate of Spice and Chutney.

Amidst the preparations, Vanraj drops the bombshell of their imminent return to India, shocking the Shah family. Despite this, Vanraj commits to attending Anuj's sangeet before departing. Anuj's restlessness is evident, while Yashdeep questions Anupama about her feelings towards Anuj and Shruti's relationship. Anupama prioritizes Aadhya's forgiveness over her own emotions, finding solace in the possibility of reconciliation.


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She can only make Anupamaa jealous if she is able to get attention from Vanraj and Shahs.

1 months ago

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