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Anupamaa: Dimple's covert dhokla indulgence; Anupama's ultimatum regarding Dimple's financial responsibilities

In the upcoming Anupamaa episode, the morning started with humorous breakfast exchanges, followed by workplace tensions as Pakhi sought a break, sparking a clash with Anupama. Meanwhile, Dimple's secret Dhokla indulgence was uncovered, leading to an ultimatum from Anupama regarding her financial responsibilities.

Published: Thursday,Aug 24, 2023 05:30 AM GMT-06:00
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Nishi Saxena

The episode starts with Pakhi and Adhik appearing at breakfast like everything is normal. Romil briefly teases them about the social media facade, causing initial shock among them. On the other hand, Anupama is visibly annoyed by the romantic display between Adhik and Pakhi, although it turns out she is merely hallucinating their affectionate behaviour. Romil humorizes the atmosphere, whispering about needing poison to escape the cringe-worthy romance.

Hasmukh's Offer and Banter:

Inside the Shah residence, Hasmukh offers to assist Kinjal with the household cleaning, a gesture she initially declines but eventually accepts. Leela assigns Kinjal the task of cleaning the pooja room, but Kavya claims to have already completed it. This leads to the playful banter between Leela and Hasmukh, a spectacle enjoyed not only by Kinjal and Kavya but also by Dimple, who is present. Dimple, however, attempts to make a swift exit but is promptly assigned her cleaning duties by Leela.

Business and Family Conflict:

Turning to business matters, Ankush inquires about Mr. Desai's proposal, and Anuj suggests he accompany them, along with Anupama and Pakhi. Adhik offers to go with Pakhi but is denied by Anuj, who insists he rest. This decision raises eyebrows. Pakhi then suggests that the project be handed over to Adhik, triggering Anupama's frustration and prompting a sarcastic comment from Romil.

The episode further explores a conflict between Samar and Dimple. Samar seeks out Dimple but is surprised to find her cleaning instead of preparing breakfast, leading to a heated argument. Baa intervenes, offering Samar some thepla, after which he departs for a meeting. Dimple gives Leela a resentful look, to which Leela responds by emphasizing her equal treatment of family members.

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The Office Drama Continues and Pakhi's Bold Refusal:

The office drama continues as Anupama questions Pakhi's desire for a break without her permission, asserting her authority as the head of the project. Anuj supports Anupama, underscoring Pakhi's professional responsibilities. Adhik intervenes, advising Pakhi to follow Anupama's guidance. Pakhi boldly refuses to go to the office, creating tension. Anuj, Ankush, and Barkha leave for their respective appointments, eventually Adhik and Pakhi also leaves. Anupama becomes concerned when a pack of cigarettes falls from Romil's pocket.

Dimple's Struggles and Anupama's Words of Wisdom to Romil: 

Dimple's struggles also play a role in the narrative. Feeling hungry and lacking energy, Dimple secretly helps herself to have some Dhokla from the fridge. Leela silently catches her in the act and reflects on the generation gap and their differing perceptions. Anupama takes a moment to share some words of wisdom with Romil. She advises him against smoking, highlighting its health risks, and encourages him to channel his talents into music, suggesting he record his guitar playing.


In the precap, an electricity bill dispute emerges. Dimple questions the power outage, prompting Leela to request payment for her share of the bill. Dimple proposes that they temporarily cover the bill due to Samar's absence. Anupama intervenes, insisting that Dimple pay her own bill as she has expressed a desire to live independently.

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