Anupamaa: Anupamaa decides to fight Samar's case in the high court, Dimpy refuses

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Anupamaa, Anupamaa will be seen deciding to fight for Samar in the high court.

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Rupali Ganguly and Nishi Saxena

In the episode of Anupamaa today, Devika accuses Malti Devi of turning Anupama's husband into a coward, just as Pakhi did with her own spouse. Pakhi suggests sending him into danger, but Devika advises her to maintain control over her husband, leading to a heated exchange. Anupama is urged by Malti Devi to understand that men like Rathore are capable of anything. Anuj expresses his determination to seek justice for Samar, believing it to be his responsibility. Malti Devi places blame on Anupama, prompting Vanraj to announce his intention to attend the court hearing. However, his family members attempt to dissuade him, fearing that his anger might harm their case.

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Ankush criticizes Barkha, Pakhi, and others for emotionally manipulating Anupama. She promises Malti Devi that she will ensure Anuj's safe return after dropping him off at court. She emphasizes that she will protect Anuj, even if it means she doesn't return herself. Suresh, determined to teach a lesson to those who have wronged him and his son, discusses his strategy with his lawyer.

In another scene, Anupama and her group are on their way to the court when they confront a suspicious individual, but he denies any wrongdoing. Devika conducts an interview, where a café owner, Vinay, denies any involvement in the murder case. Devika presents evidence to suggest Vinay's connection with the accused. Anupama loses her temper, slapping Vinay and accusing him of being involved with Sonu when he shot her son. Devika, after snatching the camera, stands by Anupama and comforts her.

After the court hearing is about to begin, Anuj and Ankush exit the courtroom, and Anuj unexpectedly apologizes to Anupama, leaving her shocked.

Precap: Anupama discusses fighting the case in the high court and refusing to accept defeat. Dimpy shares news about Toshu and Kinjal's plans to go abroad, signaling further family changes. Babu ji announces the family's intention to travel abroad.

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