Anupamaa: Anupama embarks on a new journey but faces trouble

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Anupamaa, finding the restaurant closed, Anupama, unable to reach Devika, seeks a place to stay, unwittingly catching a robber's attention.

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In tonight's Anupamaa episode, Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) strolls through the airport upon arriving in America, expressing a heartfelt "Namaste India" with a smile. Observing joyful reunions around her, she witnesses people warmly embracing their loved ones. Mr. Goenka inquires about her thoughts, and she replies, likening her heart to a blank canvas awaiting the inscription of happy or sad tales. He wishes for her narrative to be devoid of sorrow, offers to depart, and suggests accompanying her somewhere. Anupama declines, asserting her independence, but he encourages her to seize the opportunity to shape her destiny and fulfil her dreams, addressing her as Joshi Ben.

Surprised by his words, Anupama reflects on the scenario. Santa approaches, grasps Anupama's hand, and extends Christmas greetings. Children dance joyfully with Santa, and Anupama, reminiscent of Choti, is moved. Santa gifts her a cross, symbolizing a fresh start. An emotional Anupama sits in a taxi.

The taxi driver, unfamiliar with her destination, prompts Anupama to use GPS. She resorts to her diary, ensuring the driver comprehends. Contacting Devika, she relays her new number and revels in the journey. Upon reaching the destination, the driver demands an outrageous $35.

Anupama reluctantly pays, resolving never to use the taxi again. Arriving at The Gujrat restaurant, she's stunned to find it closed due to a legal issue. Panicking, she attempts to contact Devika, but her efforts are futile. Anxious about where to stay, she queries passersby, yet no one has information. Desperate, she contacts Devika once more. Unreachable, she encounters a robber. Anupama generously donates money and food to a blind musician, emphasizing Indian hospitality. As evening falls, she sits on a bench, unknowingly trailed by the lurking robber.

Precap: The robbers assault Anupama during the night, making off with her purse and handbag. An alarmed Anupama cries out for help.

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Obviously she'll face problem
Otherwise serial chalegi kaise

5 months ago

jogan 5 saal baad ghar se nikli aur seedha Amreeka jump maar diya, bina soche samjhe ya plan kiye. Ab bolna thenk u DeviLka

5 months ago

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