Anupamaa: Anuj tries to explain his side to Vanraj, Anupamaa & the family, Anupamaa remains silent

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Anupamaa, Anuj will try his best to explain his side to the Shah family.

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In the episode of Anupamaa tonight, Anupama, in a heart-wrenching moment, speaks to Samar's lifeless body, finally understanding the reason behind his gratitude and plea for her to care for Dimpy and her child. She expresses a deep belief in their connection, one that extends beyond this lifetime, saying they may have been separated in this life, but in the next, he will be reborn as her son, walking by her side and laughing freely. Anupama lovingly promises to be his mother in every life, expressing her pride in him as her best son and the luckiest mother in the world to have had him. Tears flow freely among those present.

She then takes out a black thread, symbolizing protection across lifetimes, and ties it to Samar's left foot, ensuring her blessings will always be with him. Anupama lovingly calls out to Samar, gently placing her hand on his head. Meanwhile, Adhik receives an urgent message and signals to Anuj, who takes a file in his hand, revealing that the doctor has messaged, urging them to make a quick decision.

Toshu, confused, asks what it's about, and Adhik explains that a man in the hospital urgently needs organ donations, and the doctor and his family have requested Samar's organs. Baa immediately objects, adamant that her grandson should not go incomplete. However, Dimpy makes a compassionate plea, arguing that Samar's body has left, but his spirit lives on. She suggests that by donating his organs, they can prevent someone else from experiencing the same pain they are going through. She believes that at least Samar's organs can continue to live in another person's body. Anupama agrees with Dimpy, stating that if they can save another child's life, they should.

Babu ji supports the idea, emphasizing that if everyone thought about organ donation, many lives could be saved. Vanraj, reluctantly, tells Anupama that he's ready to sign the consent form. Both Vanraj and Anupama sign the form, and Anupama embraces Samar one last time.

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Anuj then informs them that they need to take Samar to the hospital before proceeding with the last rites, and he calls the doctor. In the midst of this emotional moment, a gold bracelet falls from Anuj's clothes. Toshu identifies it as belonging to the man involved in the altercation. Vanraj suddenly remembers the sequence of events and accuses Anuj of being responsible for Samar's death, labeling him as the true culprit. Shock and confusion fill the room as everyone tries to calm Vanraj down.

Toshu and Babu ji implore Vanraj to stay calm, while he continues to insist that Anuj's actions led to Samar's demise. Vanraj blames Anuj for not controlling his anger and lashing out at those men, ultimately causing the tragedy. He reveals Anuj's involvement in getting Dimpy married to Samar and claims that Anuj turned her life into a nightmare just a year into their marriage. Vanraj points out that Samar was someone's son, grandson, brother, husband, and father-to-be, and Anuj's actions stole all these relationships from him. He concludes that Anuj is the reason why Samar was shot.

Anuj, in his defense, admits to ignoring the taunts and provocations from those men towards him and Samar. However, he confesses that he lost control of his temper when they disrespected the girl. Anuj insists he had no knowledge that one of them possessed a gun and sincerely apologizes to everyone, revealing that his name was on the bullet that struck Samar. Anuj pleads with Vanraj not to falsely accuse him of murder and accepts the consequences of his actions.

Vanraj, overwhelmed with anger and grief, pushes Anuj away, causing him to fall to the ground. 

Precap: Anuj implores Anupama to believe in him and asks if she sees him as wrong. Anupama remains silent, leaving Anuj deeply affected by her silence.

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