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Anupamaa 23rd September 2023, written update: Malti Devi reveals the reason to abandon Anuj

In tonight's episode of "Anupamaa," Malti Devi reveals her painful past and decision to prioritize her career over her child, leading to a heartbreaking confrontation with Anuj, who disowns her as his mother.

Published: Saturday,Sep 23, 2023 04:01 AM GMT-06:00
Updated: Saturday,Sep 23, 2023 09:42 AM GMT-06:00
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In tonight's episode of "Anupamaa," the story begins with Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) expressing his desire to end the discussion at that moment. Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) urges him to at least listen to what Malti Devi has to say. She believes that while Anuj is justified in his feelings, it's essential to understand if Malti Devi was wrong and to what extent. Anupama requests that he hear Malti Devi out before making a decision. Anupama also emphasizes that not everyone may comprehend what Anuj has gone through, but even a mother cries when her child does. She pleads with Anuj to give Malti Devi a chance to explain her side of the story.

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Malti Devi's revelations: 

Reluctantly, Anuj agrees to listen to Malti Devi, but only for Anupama's sake. He questions Malti Devi about why she left him at the orphanage. Malti Devi reveals that it wasn't a compulsion but rather her stubbornness, anger, and burning desire to achieve something in life. She explains that she had big dreams of becoming a renowned artist but faced societal restrictions for women at the time. She married into an unsupportive family, and her dreams began to wither. When she became pregnant, she chose motherhood, hoping to find peace, but it didn't come. Later, she had a chance to pursue her career abroad, and this time, she chose herself over her child, leaving Anuj at the orphanage.

Anuj is disheartened:

Anuj questions why her family didn't support her dreams and gives examples of women who balanced motherhood and careers. He points out that she could have managed both but chose differently. He also asks why she never came to see him or inquire about him over the past 40 years. Anupama acknowledges that women should pursue their dreams, but leaving a child behind is not the right way to do it. Anuj shares the pain of waiting for his parents at the orphanage for eight long years, and he's hurt that no one came for him. Malti Devi admits she missed him but couldn't muster the courage to meet him. Anuj decides that he has nothing more to say to her and rejects her as his mother, refusing to be called her son.

As the tension escalates, Malti Devi loses consciousness. Anuj, heartbroken and frustrated, throws things around the room and breaks down in tears. Leela and Barkha are angry with Malti Devi, while Kavya supports Anupama. Anupama takes Malti Devi inside, and Choti comes to console Anuj, hugging him as the episode concludes.


In the precap of Anupamaa, Dimple appears unwell, Kinjal inquires about her condition, Babu ji offers Malti Devi tea, Baa is furious about Malti Devi's presence, and Anuj tells Anupama that tomorrow is Ganesh Chaturthi, an important day for him. He insists that just as Lord Ganesha departs, Malti Devi must leave his life. Anupama ponders her next steps.

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