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Anupama aka Rupali Ganguly, pens a heartfelt note for his Bakuda, Samar

Rupali Ganguly, who plays Anupama in the TV series "Anupamaa," expressed her deep appreciation for Sagar Parekh (Samar) and their on-screen mother-son bond

Published: Tuesday,Oct 03, 2023 17:29 PM GMT-06:00
Updated: Wednesday,Oct 04, 2023 08:13 AM GMT-06:00
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The Hindi soap opera "Anupamaa" continues to enthral viewers with its compelling characters and captivating narrative. One such character is Samar, played by Sagar Parekh. In the show, Samar is shown as Anupama's (Rupali Ganguly) beloved son. According to the latest reports, the anticipation of Samar's track coming to an end is high. 

Adding to the intrigue, recent promos released by Star Plus have shown Vanraj delivering devastating news to Anupama about Samar's apparent death and blaming Anuj for it. Recently, in an exclusive from India Forums, we've already revealed that Samar, while attempting to save Anuj from the gunshot, ends up getting shot himself.

However, a few hours ago, Rupali Ganguly (Anupama) shared pictures of her adoring her bakuda (Sagar Parekh) and penning a heartfelt note, which looks like "Anupamaa and her Bakuda Samar …..one of the most beautiful mother son bond created on television…the very first relationship I connected to coz that was the very first promo I shot … Have loved this extremely detailed emotion of a mother with her favourite child .. a child who understands her , encourages her , gives her strength, holds her hand , treats her like a queen …. A son who is her world and for whom his mother is his world …This emotion was further amplified when Saagar came in as my Samar ….Stepping into a well established character is no easy task … but the scenes we have done in the last few days have delightfully surprised me with the range and the emotions you have displayed as Samar…. An extremely intricate yet balanced performance in the kitchen scene totally floored me 👏🏻 It is heartbreaking and emotionally draining and exhausting as Anupamaa bids farewell to her precious child … but my genuine love for you as a person has made it so much more believable for me to do … ❤️ Perhaps it’s the final farewell of Anupama to Samar ( or maybe not ) but this bond that we have been blessed with shall forever remain …thank you for being the beautiful soul that you are Sagar… Thank you for being Samar to my Anupamaa

Keep shinning always ❤️

Thank you @rajan.shahi.543 for this unparalleled bond of Anupamaa and her Bakudaa … forever grateful 🙏🏻
Please do watch Anupamaa @starplus 10pm everyday
All of us have put our hearts out there for you to see

#anupamaa #samar #motherson #actors #rupaliganguly #bond #instagood #jaimatadi #jaimahakal
@directorskutproduction @starplus"

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In her message, she reminisced about their on-screen bond, describing it as one of the most beautiful mother-son relationships ever created on television. Rupali connected deeply with this relationship, as it was the first promo they shot together. She praised Sagar's portrayal of Samar, a son who understands, encourages, and supports his mother in every way, treating her like a queen. Rupali acknowledged that stepping into an already well-established character is no easy task, but she was pleasantly surprised by the range and emotions Sagar displayed in recent scenes, particularly the one in the kitchen.

Rupali acknowledged the emotional intensity of the scenes where Anupama bids farewell to her beloved child, stating that her genuine affection for Sagar made it more believable for her to perform. She hinted at the possibility of this being a final farewell or not, but regardless, their bond would remain forever. Rupali also expressed her gratitude to the show's producer, Rajan Shahi, for bringing to life the unique relationship between Anupama and her Bakuda (Samar). She urged viewers to watch "Anupamaa" on Star Plus at 10 p.m. every day, emphasizing that the entire cast and crew had poured their hearts into the show for the audience to enjoy.

The current storyline of the popular Hindi soap opera "Anupamaa" revolves around Dimple sharing her pregnancy news with the family. Samar is overjoyed and throws a party for the guys at a hotel while Dimple and the ladies celebrate at the Shah residence. In previous episodes, Anupama urged Samar to tie a protective thread (Raksha thread) on his leg. Unfortunately, it came loose as he left for the party, causing concern for Anupama. In the latest episode, a physical confrontation occurs between Anupama and Sonu, leading to Sonu firing a gunshot. Samar comes to the rescue of Anuj, preventing a tragedy. 

"Perhaps it’s the final farewell of Anupama to Samar ( or maybe not )", Is Rupali dropping a subtle hint about Samar's ultimate storyline through this statement ? Do comment and let us know your take on whether this might mark Anupama's farewell to Samar or if there's more to the story.

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