Anupam Kher welcomes action maestro Sunil Rodrigues, onboard with 'Tanvi The Great'

Anupam Kher proudly introduces Sunil Rodrigues the action director of Tanvi The Great!

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Anupam Kher welcomes action maestro Sunil Rodrigues, onboard with 'Tanvi The Great'
Sunil Rodrigues and Anupam Kher

Anupam Kher is currently shooting for his directorial film 'Tanvi The Great.' The actor has been timely posting pictures from the set to give his fans first-hand information. Anupam Kher, took to his social media to share the image with the action director Sunil Rodrigues.

Recently, Kher took to social media to introduce the action director, Sunil Rodrigues, who plays a pivotal role in bringing the film's action sequences to life

He wrote, 

"ANNOUNCEMENT: Delighted and Proud to introduce the #ActionDirector of my directorial film #TanviTheGreat Mr. #SunilRodrigues. Rod, as he is popularly known is one of the most dynamic, scientific and charismatic action man in our industry. He may look tough and overpowering but he is the gentlest person on the set. He also is a great storyteller! Thank you dearest #Rod for your love, brilliance and craftsmanship! Jai Ho! 😍💪💪💪 #Singham #Jawan #Pathaan #Mukkebaaz #Tiger3 #Simmba #Suryavanshi #TanviTheGreat"

In response, Rodrigues shared his experience of collaborating with Kher, highlighting the actor's inclusive approach and dedication to fairness.

Sunil Rodrigues shared, "As an Action director working with Anupam Khar was totally a different experience for me. Your ability to embrace everyone's ideas and treat everyone with equal respect creates a positive and inspiring environment for every technician . Your dedication to fairness and your hard-working nature set a remarkable example for all of us to follow." Kher's Instagram post

Produced under Anupam Kher Studios, Tanvi The Great promises to be cinematic treat.

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