Anubhav to go missing after facing a tragic accident in ‘Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey’; Manan’s track put on hold

Here’s how Manan Joshi’s track will be kept on hold in Star Plus show ‘Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey’.

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Manan Joshi

Star Plus show ‘Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey’ is getting a lot of love from the audiences. The current track of the show revolves around a new guy entering Gunjan’s life and is keen on printing Gungun’s story in a magazine while Gungun isn’t keen on the same.

India Forums got you the exclusive interview of actor Ankit Bathla who’s set to play the character of Armaan Shah in the show and now, we’re here with yet another exclusive and shocking update related to the show. It is no news that Anubhav’s character and his track will be kept on hold by the makers. Here, India Forums brings to you how the same will happen. Read on to know more.

As per our highly placed sources, Anubhav will meet with a tragic accident. He will be seen driving a car while a truck will crash into the car and a humongous blast would occur. However, Anu’s body wouldn’t be found and post this, Anu will be shown missing from the scene while the new character and new love story might begin. It is expected that Manan as Anubhav might re-enter the show later.

In a candid chat with Bathla, he told us briefly about his character in the show, he said, “Well, I am playing the character of Armaan Shah, Senior Editor of Lucknow Times magazine. He is a typical ‘Mills and Boons’ kind of a hero. In my previous shows, you might have seen me smile a lot and joke around a lot, but this guy Armaan Shah, talks business and he is very passionate about everything he does; be it work or love, everything is driven by passion”.

What are your views on Manan’s exit from the show? Will you miss Manan as Anubhav? Will you miss AnuGun? Hit the comment section below.

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How could be the possible that main lead actor goes missing and public like this show and it's trp will go hipe. Every one like anugun in this show. So plz came back yo anu for this show. Taaki sabhi is show ko waise he dekhen aur issmen anugun ko eksaath lao na ki door.

1 years ago

Stupid decision by an arrogant PH! Just admit your creative team sucks and messed up the show! Instead of exiting the only good thing in yo ur show you should look for a better creative head and better editing team.

1 years ago

It's better to fix the track and change it rather than exiting the male lead and bringing new one in his place.

1 years ago

They’d easily change the plot rather than bring new lead and exit Anubhav. Fans are clearly not happy with this!

1 years ago

This PH doesn’t know how to value ML .

1 years ago

Makers and channel are, anything for the sake of TRP. They are taking audience for ride. Focus on the story and fix it rather than changing/replacing ML. Changing pot will not make food tasty.

1 years ago

Just wating for re-entry of Manan Joshi woh bhi exit se pehle And have all eyes on Gungun s response towards new comer. Not so affected performance... average...🙀

1 years ago

ankitbathla ne precap pe over confidently bol diya ki Anubhav Gunugun ki weakness hai..
Use ye pata hai ki ye jo brave ladki kamjor pad gayi thi apne papa ki mout pe use uss mindset se kisne nikala uska pyar anubhav ne ..,😇

1 years ago

Yes we are just watching to see if this new entry helps to solve this mess and make Anubhav and Gunugun more closer and make understand the kulshresthas that Anubhav aur Gunugun ki jodi Upar se banke ayi hai aur koi unhe tod nehi Sakta.😇

1 years ago

Show mein story toh nahi bachi thi but people loved the leads ab ML ko bhi gaayab kar diya 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

1 years ago

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