Another addition to SRK's collection of gadgets!

Shah Rukh Khan is the man with the gadgets! His love for technology is not...

Shah Rukh Khan is the man with the gadgets! His love for technology is not unknown to his fans.  He has admitted many times that he has hundreds of gadgets that he doesn't really have any use for, but he still keeps them giving satisfaction to his habit.

King Khan is also known for his love for reading and writing.  In fact, he's in the middle of writing his autobiography, which surely will be on everyone's bookshelf as soon as it hits the market.  More so, SRK has been very proud of his daughter who recently finished her short novella long before her father finished his book.  The ruler of hearts, King Khan believes that reading enhances the ability of the mind to work better in some ways, and nevertheless reading always keeps your brain simulated.

The problems comes in when he has to travel a lot for shootings and promotions and he can't take his entire collection of books with him.  But it's SRK we are talking about, and he has conveniently found a solution of this problem.

SRK uses a kindle to carry up to 300 novels with him wherever he goes.  Wondering what a kindle is?  It's an electronic device that can store up to 300 novels at a time, saving a lot of space in the luggage and the extra load.  SRK is an avid reader, and thus, whenever he's the in the mood to read, he takes out his kindle and loses himself in his favorite world of imagination and reading.

These days, science is never a step behind.  So all of you who've been using the 'hard to carry around' excuse to avoid reading can't escape so easily anymore!  Follow SRK's footsteps and give yourself a huge opportunity to read anything at your own time and convenience!

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