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Ankita Sharma clears the air about her relationship!

The lead actor of Sawaare Sabke Sapne - Preeto is upset with the buzz surrounding her personal life...

The media has been quick in reporting about the beaming chemistry between the main leads of Imagine TV's Sawaare Sabke Sapne - Preeto. The buzz that Ankita Sharma and Aditya Redij are dating each other is been spreading like fire. The two have been spotted enjoying each other's company and supposedly are concerned about each other at all times. Where Aditya seemed unperturbed by this news, Ankita is fuming with anger.

"I agree that there are tensions in my personal life after I broke up with my beau with whom I was in a relationship for the last 12 years but that does not mean that I have started dating Aditya. There are a few personal reasons which cannot be discussed in public. Aditya is my good friend and a brilliant co actor; there is nothing as such between us. I have worked on three shows so far but this is the first time I am getting this kind of results," clarifies Ankita.

Aditya Redij too rubbished the buzz saying, "People have no other work I guess and that's the reason why they are linking us.  But there is no such thing and right now I am only concentrating on my work."

We also hear that Ankita's ex (Kuldeep Singh) wanted to taste the fruits of the small screen industry as an actor, but failed.

If everything is just a speculation, time will definitely narrate the real story...

Reporter:Tejashree Bhopatkar
Author:Megha Bissa


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runasona 8 years ago AAADDDIII...lllov uuu
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rimitimi2000 8 years ago ADITYA...ADI ...JAAN...
love you loadsss…
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Raj_preet 8 years ago You and adi are doing great job in ur pair
aporupa 8 years ago realy ur or rajbeer my favorite...and ur biji...imagine ...serial...i like so much...?
--Saina-- 8 years ago Preeto , I love you a and Rajbeer ROCK on screen.
snehapatro 8 years ago Aditya and Ankita doing grt job in them...
br200910 8 years ago Sona Aditya.. yesterday Ar ur acting just mindblowing & outstanding...super...rajbeer plz biji se sorry bolo kab bologe?? But yes Ur so sweet...
Aditya plz Faltu ke Bakwas ko mat sunna & plz Rajbeer-preeto ki jodi ko hum se dur mat karna..
all the best... lots of LOVE.. Bareny...
maris08 8 years ago Well life sure teaches a lot of lessons. Ankita needs to be strong to overcome her personal problems and bounce back good..
KaranKittu4eva 8 years ago Omg her BF n her broke up! They were like childhood lovers! I loved Ankita in BHPH lovely show! Savan Rocked Miss them:(
Lookin very cute im Preeto! Media be nah must be tought to move on..
SUNSHiNE_413 8 years ago @reniji66: ankita is actually very young, i think its a childhood sweetheart thing between her and her ex.
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