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Anjali Tatrari on 'Sargam Ke Saade Sati' going off-air in 2 months

Sargam Ke Saade Sati is all set to go off-air in less than two months.

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These days the fate of a show is so fragile and limited, all the more due to the lockdown restrictions where shows are going off-air left, right and center.

On that note, Sony TV's Sargam Ke Saade Sati is all set to go off-air in less than two months. Leading lady Anjali Tatrari opened up on the same in an interview with ETimes TV. She said, " I was really enjoying doing this show. It was a light-hearted show where the environment on the sets was fun and lively. But when I was informed that the show was wrapping up, I was really upset. I didn't want it to end so soon, it wasn't a fair run for the show. But I would only blame the pandemic for that."

She added, "I got so many messages on my social media where viewers of the show were asking for a re-run. It's good to hear that we did have an audience who loved the show. I learnt so much about comedy here which has helped me grow as an actress."

When asked if there is a sense of insecurity as an actor when such a thing happens, she said, "An actor's life is very unpredictable but that's how it is. Fortuntely, I'm getting offers already but there is nothing I would like to commit to. But I hate sitting at home and if I'm at home for a few days then I feel what am I doing with my life! Currently I am waiting for a good script and once I get it, I will be back on screen."

Anjali Tatrari


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A HUGE FAN 2 months ago This serial should have continued for some time more.
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Seeasoon 2 months ago It was a nice show. Good luck to Anjali for future
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caraj4u 2 months ago so sad. One of the very few shows on tv which was a stress buster.
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sunaina02 2 months ago Anjali - love your comic timing in the show. It is a good entertainment show .
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