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Anita to create hurdle as Dev, Shiva and Krish try to build a room for Dhara-Gautam in Pandya Store

Anita is set to spoil Dhara and Gautam’s room in Star Plus show ‘Pandya Store’.

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Courtesy : Disney+ Hotstar

Star Plus show Pandya Store is riding high on success. The current track of the show revolves around Dev, Shiva and Krish planning to build Dhara-Gautam’s room by themselves to save the money as appointing workers for the same would require a lot of money. In the upcoming episode, the trio reveals that they would make the room themselves leaving everyone shocked and surprised.

In the previous episode, Rishita opposed the idea of making a new room for Dhara and Gautam. She asked Dev to first make a new bathroom as she faces a lot of issues. However, Suman took a firm stand against Rishita’s demand and stated that Dhara-Gautam’s room will be created as a priority and everything else can wait. Anita also learns about a separate room for Dhara-Gautam.

Anita is quite upset to learn the development as she doesn’t want Gautam and Dhara to spend special moments and get privacy. In the upcoming episode, Anita knits a plan to spoil Dhara and Gautam’s room. She decides to add excess water in the cement so that Dev, Shiva and Krish find it difficult to make a room out of the same cement. In the night, she works on her plan and adds buckets of water in the cement.

Well, it will be interesting to see if she will be able to stop the brothers from making a room for Dhara-Gautam.

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GrilledCheese 10 days ago Anita's plan is supported by nature this time 😂
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ItsmePriya 10 days ago The rain is with Anita this time....She need not do so much hardwork
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Shivi_forever 10 days ago Love Pandya Store and the entire cast. The nature will spoil the construction
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mpks1 10 days ago Anita diesn’t need to break her head, the weather will doom tje construction😂
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