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Anil Kapoor plays Romeo to Anupam Kher’s Juliet: They are Yearning for each other's company amid COVID-19 outbreak!

Anupam Kher returned from the US on Friday, however, he has decided to adapt self-quarantine in order to save others from potential coronavirus infection. But, this has left his best buddy Anil Kapoor yearning for him...


Anupam Kher-Anil Kapoor is one of the most iconic jodi of Bollywood and these best friends can go to any length to make each other's day. Their fun and never-ending banter is proof of how well they bond and we are always happy to see them together. 

Today, Anil played Romeo to Anupam’s Juliet and serenaded him from underneath the latter’s balcony on Saturday. Kher, who returned from the US on Friday, said as a precautionary measure he will be self-isolating himself, amid coronavirus scare.

On Saturday, Kher shared a video from his balcony on Instagram, sharing how he always visits his friend Anil the first thing every time he returns from an overseas journey. However, he couldn’t do the same this time as it is important to save others from potential coronavirus infection. 

Kher said he missed Anil, who lived right opposite Kher’s house.

Although, Anil dramatically emerged under the latter’s balcony and treated him to a lovely song. “When did you return from America? How is India treating you?,” Anil asks Anupam in a video shared on his own Twitter page. “What to do my friend, Sunita (Anil’s wife) will not let you in,” Anil says in the video. He then sings a popular Hindi film song ‘Ek Ghar Banauga Tere Ghar Ke Saamne.’ “#AKseesAK! Keeping up with traditions but from a distance!! #socialdistancing #staysafe,” Anil wrote in his tweet. “Tum bulao aur hum naa aaye that will never happen!! So glad to see you (from a distance),” Anil also commented on Anupam’s post.

And it seems the outbreak of coronavirus has it difficult for them to hangout.

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