And TV all set to come up with a new show to replace 'Adhuri Kahaani Hamari'..!

The channel is all set to come up with a new show..

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The news of the show, 'Adhuri Kahaani Hamari' going off-air came across as a shock to several fans. But, that is confirmed and the channel is now gearing up for another show already.

Producer Gul Khan is all set with a new show for the channel and the leads of the show seem to be finalised.

Playing the male lead would be Reyaansh Bhatia who was last seen in 'Nadaan Parinde Ghar Aaja' and is best remembered for his role in the show, 'Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke'.

And playing the female lead is going to be the actress Rhea Sharma, who is best known for her role in the show, 'Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar'.

The show will reportedly be about a love triangle revolving around two rich boys falling in love with a principled simple girl.

The show will be occupying the 7: 30 pm slot..!

Are you excited about the new show? Leave in your comments below..!

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Comments (6)

Hey .i have an advice for all. Guys dont watch the show because that gull will ruin it too like she did to our akh. Akh was such an amazing show with lots n lots of new ideas n amazing storyline with perfect actors but idk what she did. She completely ruined it like totally ! She should leave this work n go for online filming n makeover games because producting shows is not her cup of tea. Akhians'll never forgive her !!! So if u don't wanna get tortured like us then avoid it. But still if u wanna go for ur fav actors then best of luck!

8 years ago

Never watched AKH accept for a few scenes. But I did hear the show was ruined as always by Gul and co! What can be expected of them now? Another love triangle of two rich guys and a simple girl? Do they have even one new idea? Already know what this show will be about and in a few months it will be ruined too.

Agree with comment below. Arjun was a good show. If they can bring that back, it might be worth watching. Arjun never achieved his goal in the show, so a Season 2 is possible. 4 Lions love stories are not worth a dime anymore. They just cant get it right since IPKKND. They ruined all their other love stories. This one will meet the same fate!

8 years ago

Instead of making these crappy love stories why not come up with season 2 of Arjun? I guarantee the show will do wonders! Arjun was the best action thriller show ever on Indian TV! Why not bring that back?? I hope 4 Lions consider bringing back that epic show!!

8 years ago

fell in love with AKH for LaksHima Aka Laksh Lalwani and Mahima Makwana upon seeing the first promo but what gul did to that show just ruined everything onscreen & offscreen

8 years ago

Poor viewers, Another Gul Khan Show . God save Indian TV

8 years ago

Already hating dis new show? Why Gul always show d heroines as poor while heroes as rich? Zoya was an exception but u made her a clown wid no self-respect.

8 years ago

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