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And the WINNER of 'Nach Baliye 8' is...

The wait is FINALLY over...


The Nach Baliye 8 finale was undoubtedly one of the most talked about and awaited events of recent times, which included fan wars and several controversies too.

The anticipation pertaining to who would finally win the coveted trophy has been quite intriguing and the moment has finally arrived!

The finalists performed with a lot of heart and Vivek Dahiya-Divyanka Tripathi, Sanam Johar-Abigail Pande and Mohit Sehgal-Sanaya Irani will surely be remembering this season forever.

However, as its a competition, there can be only one winner and this time, the winner is Vivek Dahiya and Divyanka Tripathi. The first runner up were Sanam Johar-Abigail Pande and Mohit Sehgal and Sanaya Irani ended up being the 2nd runner up.

India Forums wishes Vivek and Divyanka hearty congratulations for their spectacular win!

What are your thoughts about their victory. Leave in your comments below..


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ValentinaVelina 2 years ago Sanaya Irani &Mohit Sehgal is Winner of our heart
vidra 3 years ago @
Sanaya Irani
Have a relaxing break gorgeous and waiting for you to be back on TV soon
90210khadija 3 years ago Sanaya Irani!
Love you. #Monaya #TrueWinners!
Only #Monaya!
labi 3 years ago And the true winner is Monaya.Love you Sanaya Irani.
kbtr 3 years ago Sanaya Irani!
Love you.
#TrueWinners #Monaya
Hyacinthus 3 years ago Love you Sanaya Irani and Mohit Sehgal. You both have won our hearts this season of Naach Baliye. Bless you both
raji1989 3 years ago I was seeing the comments made by various people in star plus official page and here in India forum. 90% of people are against the result announced by star plus. Then who voted for them. I am a fan of Sanaya and I voted for them even though my votes may not be counted
Usually in reality shows which is purely based on votes like Indian idol they will show the number of votes earned by each contestant so that fans can vote and make sure their favourite can be the winner.
This year there was only vote from why?? To make all the show success they need international viewers. But when come to votes only people from India.??
I would say if there was international voting the result would have something entirely different. the winning Jodi is not much famous internationally as Sanaya is. Feeling so bad for them. And I have seen so many people saying Sanaya is a professional dancer. Have you ever watched her journey in JDJ. She was not good initially but with her hard work she reached up-to top 2.
And the team Anatolia used the popularity of Sanaya to make nach a big hit. I would definitely say.
I loved Divyanka in YHM As an actress. A dancer a big NO. But not now. I don't watch that also. How could people tolerate this much non sense in one show?

Any ways it is only my opinion. May god bless you Mohit and Sanaya2017-06-27 09:33:04
--Amulya-- 3 years ago I planned to watch this show but dropped the idea even before watching a single episode as many people have already predicted that DiVek will be this season winners and no one knew back then whether they could do well or not. I wanted to watch a fair competition but knowing that someone is a winner even before the show was started made me drop it. I'm glad I made that decision and saved myself from the sadness, being a huge admirer of Abhi.

I'm happy for VD, as per NB8 forum he improved a lot.

For fans, just leave it, all the performers anyhow got paid for each performance and stop bashing the actors personally, we never know how they are in their real lives, we only know that side of them which they've shown us and that isn't all they are.

PS - I'm a fan of neither Sanaya nor Divyanka, I find it odd that people are calling them fat, ugly, I can't say about their personalities but by looks they are both beautiful women and stop commenting on their relationships which we shouldn't be bothered with.
vidra 3 years ago Sanaya Irani and Mohit Sehgal
Enjoyed your performances on NB 8
AlinaAnn 3 years ago We knew from the start that they wld win... thanks to ekta was all planned from the start otherwise they didn't stand a chance
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