Ananya passes the baton to mother in Tere Liye

In Tere Liye, the feisty Ananya doesn’t fight for her love anymore, instead leaves it up to her mom!

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Balaji Telefilms and Star Plus' Tere Liye is presently focusing on the love story of Anurag's (Harshad Chopra) elder sister Ananya (Garima Bhatnagar).

Presently, Ananya is shown to be hell bent over marrying Ritesh (Nikhil Arya). She has openly told her mom about the fact the she is deeply in love with Ritesh and would marry no one else. Apparently, there will be a high point in the story today where a boy comes to see Ananya. The buzz is that Ananya would lose her temper and in the process of her catharsis would blurt out in front of everyone that she is too much in love with Ritesh to even consider anyone else.

We spoke to Garima who tells us otherwise. "When the boy comes to see me, I tell everyone to do what they feel is right. So then my mom takes me aside and asks why I had to accept the proposal if I wasn't ready to marry the boy. I tell my mom - I haven't accepted the proposal. I've left it to you to convince dad to get me married with Ritesh since I listened to you and kept father's dignity and did not make a scene in front of everyone."

What exactly is Ananya like- dominant, rude? "Well, Ananya is dominant, that's for sure. She does not mean to be rude but at times when it comes to discussing personal affairs with her mom she tends to lose it and become rude. She hates the fact that Ritesh won't accept their love in front of everyone. She keeps pushing him to go and talk to her father and ask her hand in marriage. But she can't blame Ritesh entirely because it was her dad who helped him complete his education among other favors. So it is reasonable for Ritesh to feel awkward to confront Ananya's father when the person is looking for other boys to get her married to."

Garima explains that even though she was not the first choice to play Ananya she is happy to have bagged the role now. "Me and the other girl had given audition. But she was selected and it seems they didn't like her performance after shooting one episode. So they gave me a call and I happily accepted the role. I haven't got any personal feedback from Ekta mam yet, but the creatives are happy with my role."

Catch this episode of Tere Liye on Star Plus at 10 pm tonight.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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SheVi4life 10 years ago luv the show..when r they gonna get older??!!!...wanna see TaAnu when they get older!!
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cutiekanchinani 10 years ago not so interested in them :/ show anurag n taani lol!!!
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Mazzy101 10 years ago thnx, tere liye is good! cnt wait till harshad's character is btr, i cnt believ thy made him mad! :( bt stl its good!
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second_chances 10 years ago i hate when parents do this!!! just once, can they accept that maybe they dont know wats best? and the mother, if shes not gonna stand up for her daughters happiness, then who will?

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tellybuff123 10 years ago nikhil arya is a fine actor and vry goodlooking too. is he turning negative in the show? by the way didn't know garima had acted in kya hoga nimmo ka.. cool.
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SunShine_A 10 years ago great going
gve tutions to ur motu bro also
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purvimeh 10 years ago Go Girl.. Go.. Luving the Ananya roles..
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-Anu13- 10 years ago Go ananya ..waiting for this scene and your love story ..I feel that ritesh will later turn into -ve ..Lets see
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Soaps1 10 years ago wah wah annanya is more clever than i thought ... you go girl

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raga.s 10 years ago oh god..she is readin the script...;)..she is completely describing the scene..
the initial actress who portrayed ananya was also good..:)..they dint giv her a chance..
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