Amma Promo Review: Expectations ride high on Shabana Azmi

The actress replaced Urvashi Sharma post the 15 years leap on the show. Read on to know more.

- By "Swarupa Tantravahi"
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Amma: Ek Maa Jo Bani Laakhon Ke Liye Amma, is a story based on a real life incident. The role of Zeenat, which was originally played by Urvashi Sharma, has now gone to Shabana Azmi

Even though we all know that Shabana Azmi can pull off any powerhouse role, all eyes were on Shabana as this will be her full-fledged small screen debut. She was earlier seen in a minuscule role in 24 season 1 and 2.

The promo featuring Shabana as Amma is finally out now and looks promising. Take a look.

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Post leap, Amma's character is supposed to be having a hard exterior than before. She is very attached to her 'Bombay Shehar' and her two daughters. 

Shabana convincingly plays Amma, a woman with a rough exterior but a mellow heart. On why Shabana fits the bill perfectly for Amma's role, is because of her look. 

Shabana has the look of a mature individual who has seen the world, braved the ups and downs of the 'paapi duniya' as they call it and also has the sly streak to put people in their place. And one look at the promo will justify our point to you.

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