Amba to prove Ishani mentally unstable in Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi!

Soon a high intense drama will gear up in the show Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi.

Balaji Telefilms' popular show Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi on Colors is grabbing more eyeballs with each passing episode.

As seen in the ongoing track, Ranvir (Shakti Arora) has developed hatred towards Ishani (Radhika Madan) as he feels cheated and looking at her son's pain Amba (Utkarsha Naik) plans to throw our from their house. Ishani who is trying to prove herself innocent, will make efforts to make her place in RV's heart.

Amba who wants a reason to throw Ishani out of the house, will get a lead.

Let's find out how -

As per our source, "Amba will try to find prove Ishani mentally challenged as that reason will help her to throw Ishani out of Ranvir's life legally. Thus there will be a party sequence in the show where Ranvir's clients and high profile people will come to attend the party. Amba will mislead Ishani by saying that it's a kids party and so will have have to become a clown to entertain the kids. Hence she will obey Amba's order and will get dressed like a clown. When she will come at the party, every one will start laughing on her and then she will realize that Amba did it purposely to insult her. Then Amba will try to make people believe that Ishani is mentally unstable and need to be sent in a mental asylum."

Will Ranvir support Ishani this time?

Neha Jain

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Comments (19)

you are so weird actress looks like mamma sorry for this but its true :/ sadli nut looks gd wid rv ... soo please directors change the girl

9 years ago

omg...this is the height!!!!!!!!!!!!!hopefully while ishaani is in the mental hospital the truth abt karva cauth will come out and then ranveer will feel bad...

9 years ago

My hope is the making up part between ishani and ranveer will be more intense and awesome the more ishani is hurt

9 years ago

ewww..cv's have lost it..poor duck faced ishaani ! :D
but i still somehow i want to see her in that state :D

9 years ago

This is getting worse day by day.. My gosh CV's can u wake from the horrible nightmares

9 years ago

hope so ranveer will save her although chances are very less but still..
Radhika Madan n Shakti Arora are doing brilliant job
Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi Rocks!

9 years ago

Oh god hope rv gets to know ambas real face soon ...
Love u shakti arora and radhika madan You guys r amazing

9 years ago

No,Ranveer will not support as usual,coz Now days Ranveer Supports his Mom,he has become Mama's Boy suddenly,From Sachcha AASHIQ!Thts Why I now Dislike Ranveer nd Hate tht Lady AMBA!Who compaer a Mother with a Wife!Mother has one place nd Wife has another place in a Man's life,ILLITERATE Low-class Lady doznt Understand tht!

9 years ago

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi rocks,, hope this time Ranveer come forward to rescue Ishani from Amba's evil plans,,

9 years ago

very interesting track come up, n very excited to, let see what happen, shakti arora keep rocking the show

9 years ago

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