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All You NEED to Know About Twisted Fame Rrahul Sudhir's Character From Zee TV's Upcoming Rajaa Betaa

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Rrahul Sudhir of Twisted fame will make his small screen debut with the upcoming show Rajaa Betaa. He might be new in the TV space, but he doesn't believe in taking a cue from people or their work.

The young actor, popular on the digital platform, plays a gynaecologist in the show that will premiere on January 15 on Zee TV.

When Rrahul was asked if he took inspiration from somebody to do justice to his role, in a statement he said, "I don't end up taking a cue from anyone. In fact, I want to do it my way. That's the sole reason why I am here." He further added, "If you are getting an opportunity, why copy someone else's work? But yeah, there was certain amount of preparation involved."

His preparation included going back to Biology books from 9th and 10th grades. "I had to understand what happens with the fetus when it develops and nine months of pregnancy, delivery, what medicines would doctor recommend. I studied UTI also," he revealed.

His character, Vedant, is also an ideal man who binds his family together. It's hard to believe that men like Vedant exist. "Maybe at some level... not exactly like this. Not this intense and dramatic. My father told me 'You have no idea how much I have sacrificed for you and your sister'. Obviously I didn't get it back then. I was a kid," he said.

But now, he knows how much his father had sacrificed for them. "So, there are people in their own small ways...we would sacrifice for our father and mother. We are trying to give you a story, trying to make it beautiful, amazing with a nice concept. With all that packaging, you have to make it little intense so that you get people engrossed into it," said the actor.

There is a motivation behind his character being so good. "He is an orphan. This is not his family but he was raised by this family, by his grandfather. He also realises that he owes to the family. How can he let all this go away? The ones who made him. He genuinely loves them," said Rrahul.

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