All India Bakchod in LEGAL trouble over yet another online activity?

This time around, it is our Prime Minister.


The popular comedian group, All India Bakchod (AIB) has made it to the headlines yet again, and this time around, it is over our esteemed Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

AIB took to Twitter on Wednesday where they shared a meme about the PM with the dog filter on Snapchat. Following the tweet, one of the Twitter users complained to Mumbai Police calling it an obnoxious prank.

Currently, the cyber police station at Bandra - Kurla complex is scrutinizing the matter.

Tanmay Bhat, co-founder of AIB defended the meme calling it a 'lack of rational reasoning'.

Looks like our nation has all the problems solved and the memes and statuses are that we need to care about. What do you have to say about this?


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chahat4u 3 years ago Freedom of speech is not without restriction, in fact no freedom is because every freedom comes with responsibility. Which means self-discipline, common sense, sensitivity and respect towards others especially those who deserve. that meme on Hon'ble PM was pathetic. Comedy is not equivalent to mocking anyone else, making fun or insulting.
nmteddy 3 years ago Well they're definitely testing their limits on freedom of speech, but if any country claims they have freedom of speech they are well within their limits.
sinipillai 3 years ago These bunch of idiots, make fun of everything without credibility. they think they are beyond the law... Should have fined more...
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