Alina and Sana in Laughter Ke Phatke..

Twin sisters, Alina and Sana Wadiwalla will be seen in a new avatar in Star One's new show Laughter Ke Phatke..

Laughter Ke Phatke, the new show produced by Optimystix on Star One boasts of an ensemble of the best TV actors and comedians.

Popular twins, Alina and Sana Wadiwalla who got to fame thro' Bigg Boss Season 2 will be seen in a new avatar in the show.

When asked, Alina tells us, "Yes, we both are there in the show. We are not participants, but we play two unique characters called Hansi and Khushi. The participants have their task cut out as they have to please us both, and make us laugh thro' their act. If we laugh, the act is termed as good and if we don't, it is bad. In other words, the onus is on the participants to make us laugh (smiles)".

Starting 15th December, the daily comedy strip running Monday-Friday at 10pm will see renowned TV actors spoofing; in other words, delivering their funny phatkas on all the recent happenings around us! A perfect mixture of satire, talent and originality, the show promises to have everyone in tears of laughter as it takes you to a never-before-seen take on humour!

As reported earlier, the show will be hosted by Jennifer Winget and Sudesh Lahiri. The likes of Ali Asgar, Karishma Tanna, VIP, Swapnil Joshi, Rajiv Nigam, Gurmeet Afsha, Mansi Parekh, Negar Khan, Sunil Sawra, Shweta Gulati, Abhijeet Sawant, Barkha Bisht, Nasir, Kunal Kumar, Rakhi Vijayan, Kuldeep Dube, Vinod Kumar, Rashmi Desai, Abhas will be seen as participants.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Manasi Parekh

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Rakhi Tandon

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Jennifer Winget

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Karishma Tanna

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Ali Asgar

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Barkha Bisht Sengupta

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Shweta Gulati

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Swapnil Joshi

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Alina Wadiwalla

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Abhijeet Sawant

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Star One

Comments (12)

who are these twins ya?
never heard of them ever

12 years ago

never saw shweta in it...was she a part in it?

12 years ago

jenny and shweta again together wow good yaar hope to see karan too there kaash missing my old gang in dmg a lot hope to see them once again in dmg

14 years ago

wohoo! mansi is also joining the show??good for her..
OMG!! Jenny..can't wait to see you again on my TV anymore ...love you princess.

BTW I'm soo glad this show will air 5 times a week...it more than awesome news for me as I will be seeing Jenny all 5 days a week..love you dear.

14 years ago

woww shweta back again g8 mising her good to see her eagerly waiting 4 it

14 years ago

OMG can't WAIT to watch the show!!!!! Looking forward to it!!!!!!

14 years ago

Gonna watch this for Jenny Princess! :-)

14 years ago

YAY YAY YAY!! jenni jenni jenni!!!
cant wait nowww

14 years ago

dying to see jennifer n shweta back!!!!!!!!!

14 years ago

Cant wait to see Jen back on TV..missed her so so much..!!

14 years ago

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