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Alia wants to TAKE Kangana on FACE VALUE and NOT go around the BUSH

Alia Bhatt has a CLASSY COMEBACK to Kangana's CRUEL allegations...


Kangana Ranaut who is known for speaking her mind recently spoke about how the industry and the stars have alienated her and are ganging up against her. She then targeted Aamir Khan and Alia Bhatt and revealed how despite requesting them, they didn't attend the special screening of her film Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi and nor did they support her.

She also had revealed that the two stars have been unresponsive to her repeated calls and requests even after she supporting all their films. Post her fierce statements in the media, Alia had publicly apologized to her.

But, the Queen actress wasn't impressed and didn't accept Alia's apology, instead, she slammed her left, right and center and called her Karan Johar's puppet.

"I suggested that she grows some spine and supports an important film about woman empowerment and nationalism... if she doesn't have a voice of her own and her existence is all about being KJo's (Karan Johar) puppet then I don't consider her successful... I told her if she is only focusing on earning bucks and not raise a voice, then her success has no value," Kangana reportedly said.

Recently, in an interview, when Alia was quizzed about the same, she said that she would want to take Kangana on face value and sort out the issues that she has with her, instead of giving out any more statements in the media.

Said Alia, "I would like to react to her personally if she has any complaints. I don't want to talk about it in the media. As I have said before, I really admire her as an actor and the choices that she makes.

She's a very outspoken person and I admire her for that as well. If I have upset her unintentionally, then I don't know. Basically, it wasn't my intention. I didn't do anything to get a reaction like this."

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