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Ali Fazal to BREAK the Indian STEREOTYPE!

This is what Ali Fazal is doing to BREAK


Ali Fazal works together with the makers of Victoria and Abdul to break the Indian stereotype!

The trailer of Victoria and Abdul was released recently and the audience has applauded Ali Fazal for his Hollywood venture. Ali will be seen opposite Academy Award winner Judi Dench and the movie is directed by legendary director Stephen Frears.

Playing the titular lead in the film there was a lot of representation of India in the film. Several times previously there has been an obvious typecasting of South Asians in films internationally and Ali worked in tandem with makers of the film to ensure that there's correct portrayal. He suggested and worked with the makers to make sure the accent, pronunciation and such things in script are aptly put together and displayed on screen.    

This is not Ali's first outing in a Western film; he was part of Fast & Furious 7 in a cameo role. But in Victoria & Abdul, he tried to represent India in a better way and break down stereotypes about Indians in Tinseltown's eyes. Starring Academy Award winner Judi Dench as Queen Victoria and Ali Fazal as an Indian attendant named Abdul Karim, the film tells the unexpected story of the deep friendship between them.

When asked Ali he said, "The team was very forthcoming to all sort of suggestions. We all worked together and it was a collaborative effort. I wanted to try and keep it as authentic as possible and that was intended to ensure we get things right."


Ali Fazal

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