Akshay Kumar steals the show: Rustom Movie Review (3/5 stars)

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Ileana D'cruz, Esha Gupta; Ratings: *** (3/5)

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Akshay Kumar take a bow!!

The reason I say this is, the whole film rests on Akshay's shoulders and he has yet again proved that one does not need a female factor to make a commercially hit quality film.

A glimpse of the story:

'Rustom' is inspired from the infamous controversial case of K. M. Nanavati, a Naval Commander who murdered his friend Prem Bhagwandas Ahuja who had an extra-marital affair with his wife Sylvia Nanavati.

In the film, Akshay Kumar is seen as Naval Commander Rustom Pavri, Ileana D'Cruz plays his wife Cynthia Pavri, Arjan Bajwa as Vikram Makhija (Akshay's friend who had an extra- marital affair with his wife).

The film revolves around this case and how Rustom, even after accepting that he committed the murder, gets himself freed of all the court charges.

First half is pretty slow but audience might not lose interest due to the curiosity generated by Akshay's character. It ends with an interesting turn leaving the viewers thinking about what will happen next.

The second half will keep you stay glued to the seats as all the important cards unfold. The film has a serious tone throughout but few light moments here and there bring a good amount of laughter and brighten up your mood.

About the characters:

Akshay Kumar as Commander Rustom Pavri: As always, Akshay Kumar never fails to give a flawless performance. From the first shot itself when he enters the frame in his white Naval uniform, he captivates your senses. Be it the dialect or the mannerism of the Navy Officer, Akshay has emoted it to the mark. Even though he has less dialogues in the film, but his actions speak and express more than words.

Ileana D'Cruz as Cynthia Pavri (Rustom's wife) has nothing much to do. She is just a show piece in the film. 

Arjan Bajwa as Vikram Makhija has less screen time but has managed to do it exceptionally well.

Esha Gupta plays Vikram Makhija's sister who fights hard and does not hesitate to go the illegal way to punish Rustom. However, Esha has royally ruined a great character. Her character is very powerful as compared to Ileana but all she did was 'fake, emotionless acting'.

Usha Nadkarni as Jamnabai has been a treat for the eyes and her funny antics evoke freshness in the tense environment.

Other character include: Sachin Khedekar as Public Prosecutor Lakshman Khangani, Kumud Mishra as Erach Billimoria and Pawan Malhotra as Inspector Lobo


The film has only Akshay Kumar to look forward to because if we talk about the story then its just a plain simple crime episode that's famous because of the influential characters involved in it. Nationaliism has just been an extra added factor to give it a patriotic touch.

So, this Independence week if you wish to drench yourself in some crime thriller with a pinch of patriotism and relive the era of the 50s, then 'Rustom' is a must watch.

Happy Independence Day to all our readers!

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Sachin Khedekar

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It is brilliant movie and i am a die hard fan of Akshay Kumar and Akshay Kumar play outstanding role in the movie.

7 years ago

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