Akshay Kumar is Unbothered by Trolls, calls it a Paid Business

Akshay Kumar is often the target of nasty trolls, however, the actor reveals that he stays unbothered by them as he believes many people are paid to write mean things on the web and calls Trolling a paid business...

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Being a celebrity has its own perks and cons. Along with the people’s love and praise, comes responsibility and liability. Bollywood stars are often in the public eye, which also leads them to massive trolling on the Internet. The social media era has permitted each person with a power of opinion, which sometimes goes out of hand and trolls take the benefit of it and miss no moment to target the actors.

Akshay Kumar is one such actor who is often the target of trolls and gets mercilessly slammed for his views, comments or actions. The trolls sometimes cross boundaries and even call out the actors’ families and friends on social media, which can be disturbing at times. However, in the recent round of interviews, Akshay stated that he remains unbothered by the trolls. “Trolls don't have any work, they keep writing and nobody knows why,” says the Good Newwz actor.

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Further, Akshay also goes on to say that Trolling is a business in itself and so many people are paid to write such comments about people on the Internet. “So many trolls are paid also. There are companies who do it, it's a business by the way. No person is interested in trolling anybody, but some people have made a business out of it” said the actor during the media interactions of Good Newwz

Meanwhile, speaking of Good Newwz, the comedy entertainer starring Akshay Kumar,  Kareena Kapoor Khan, Diljit Dosanjh, and Kiara Advani has made a grand opening at the box office. Directed by Raj Mehta, the movie discusses IVF in a humorous tale of comedy and confusion. 

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