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Akanksha Puri: Paras is still Trending by Using my Name!

Actress Akanksha Puri responds to Paras stating that she has no identity by saying that if I am using his name for publicity then why does he keeps taking my name in every interview...


Bigg Boss 13 is over but the news of ex-couple Paras Chhabra and Akanksha Puri seems to have no end. It was during Paras’ stint in the show and because of his growing closeness to Mahira Sharma that the duo announced separation.

But in a recent interview Paras Chhabra has out and out slammed Akanksha Puri saying that She has no identity and she is only known as his ex-girlfriend. Akanksha reacted to Paras Chhabra statement with us and stated, " I don't have an identity, he is used to feeling insecure when people used to call him my Boyfriend. There is also an incident that I would share because he claimed that I don't have an identity. There was a news that came in a leading paper when he entered my show for a track of three months, he was very upset with the article and even called the editor and had a huge argument with her for the headline as he said earlier he was known as Sara’s Boyfriend and now he cannot take the tag of Akanksha Boyfriend. The editor clearly explained to him that it’s her show where she is the lead and that how she wrote this, he became lil rude then she clearly told him that it’s not a paid article. She will write what she wants to write, he can’t instruct her, he was even not happy with his picture. Later  I had to call the editor because she gave me this article and I have good terms. Later I called her and apologised. I said sorry on his behalf. I felt extremely embarrassed and said so sorry to her."

"Even when I posted on my Social media I had hidden the headline because he wanted it that way", she added. 

“Also, the thing didn't end here, the same day Paras had shot as Ravan and I had an off , he was going to the set and I knew he would create a scene in that mood. I told my friend Kuldeep who plays Vishnu, my brother, in the show that he is upset with the article headline and coming to the set and told him thoda Sambhal Lena , he told me don't worry main Delhi style mein boys style mein samjha dunga and he will be fine. He spoke to Paras and Paras said that Maine spiltsvilla kiya hai, I have a name, Akanksha ko janta Kaun hai , how can they say I am her Boyfriend in the headline. Even Kuldeep told me Akanksha he disrespected you a lot and no boyfriend talks like this about  his girlfriend to a third person, he has no respect, think before u go ahead with this guy.

Also my production was not happy with his behavior as he used to report late, not learn his lines and used to say I won’t shoot much. He even had issues with dubbing so they had to get a dubbing artist for him. Then finally they found a solution and they used to write and keep in front of him and he used to read it and say his dialogues!! And later they dubbed with some other artist. They were not at all happy with me for getting him on board and I had several discussions with the production because of him. They even stopped his last cheque because of all this.

And yes first time he came on my set to meet me when he was not even a part of our show, he was sitting with my co stars who he met for the first time and was discussing all his past affairs, his flings, those 150 girls he mentioned in Bigg boss and even my co stars were surprised with his behaviour! They told me it’s unbelievable that someone can discuss all this in the first meeting, that too about girls and they didn’t like it. I told Paras that he could have avoided discussing girls, his affairs and all in his first meeting with my team but he overreacted and said that “Main ab kabhi kisi se milunga he nahi”

I don't have an identity but you can see it's ironic that the same Paras who claims that I am using his name for publicity, keeps taking my name in every interview, in spite of doing two reality shows back to back. He is still trending because of my name and not been able to sell anything as."  She further mentioned that all she can do is laugh on something as stupid as this. 

 What do you think of the above news? Do let us know your views in the comments below...

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sagmruswe 2 months ago Such a strong lady. Hats off...she is correct here...from bigg boss, we have seen the amount of respect he has for girls!!!!!!
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