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Akanksha Puri: Love Scares me Now!

Post the end of Bigg Boss 13, Paras Chhabra claimed that he broke up with her as she told media about their personal details...


Courtesy : Hindustan Times

Bigg Boss 13 has come to an end and Paras Chhabra is all set for his swayamvar. When his ex-girlfriend Akanksha Puri was asked about her views on the show and him, the actress said "I saw a very different Paras in Bigg Boss 13." When asked about why they broke up, she said that she doesn't know who the real Paras is.

"Disrespecting the one you love and cooking up stories and lying about her can never be a part of any script. He should have kept me out of his game'', she added.

Paras claimed that he broke up with Akanksha because of her leaking details about his personal life. She cleared it up saying "Oh, which personal deets may I know? I want to finally say it now. I had ended it with Paras, much before he did."

"If he thinks he's ready for marriage, he should go for it. God bless him and his partner'', Akanksha commented when asked about him being a good husband and his upcoming swayamvar. 

She also added, "But I am not prepared. That much I know. No relationship so soon. I need a lot of time to think before having a man in my life now. I doubt that will happen anytime soon."

She was asked if she lost faith in men. The actress said "I don't think I can trust anyone at this point in my life, whether it's a man or a woman. Love scares me now. Darr lagta hai. But I swear I spent some very good time with Paras. It was a beautiful phase in my life, though it could have ended in a better way. But yahi toh zindagi hai. Things don't happen as per plan."

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