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Aishwarya Sharma aka Pakhi of ‘Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin’ requests fans to stop the negativity

Aishwarya took to social media and expressed her thoughts on never ending negativity on social media.

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Aishwarya Sharma

Star Plus show ‘Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin’ has been entertaining the viewers from the beginning. The show proved as the cupid for actors Aishwarya Sharma and Neil Bhatt. As per reports, the couple will get married on 30th November 2021. The duo met on the sets of the show and after a couple of months fell in love. Soon after, they had their roka ceremony.

Aishwarya who plays the grey character of Pakhi Chavan in the show has been at the receiving end for the hatred from the fans. In the show, Pakhi is not moving on in her life and wants to get back with Virat, however, Virat has fallen in love with Sai and wants to be with her. The onscreen and off-screen dynamics are different but the fans often send across hatred for Aishwarya. So much so that apparently Aishwarya had to change her social media settings to avoid the negativity.

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Ahead of her wedding with Neil, Aishwarya shared a long post for the viewers who often cause negativity on social media. She wrote: I thought Pakhi is only a ‘fictional character’, who can’t move on, here are so many real-life characters who are commenting on our personal life, accounts, posts and arguing for what!! Reel and real life?? We actors are keeping our calm, we always stick together and you people are fighting for what? Is this really worth it?? You all are abusing each other, your parents, your family, spreading negativity, making social media toxic day by day and for what??? Do you guys see us fighting ever? Have you heard any kind of rumors!! Then why why why are you all fighting?? It’s a humble request, please make peace guys. Time is so precious; every single second is so important. Please don’t waste it. I hope you’ll do good in your life. I really pray. #BeHappy.

Have a look at the post:

Aishwarya's Instagram story

Post your thoughts on Aishwarya’s post in the comment section below.

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nutmeg7 2 days ago Have a happy wedding and post that please see a therapist. You need it.
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chinnu_kaku 4 days ago dear india forum ,can u please tell why you are so concerned for this actress that u put my profile i to40% warning? you were happily publishing articles against alice kaushik 10 days back,is that not unethical on your part? you will talk about/post about anyone badly,but just because i raised my against this actress you,put my profile under scanning? is the rules only for the members,not for the owner?
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bubbly12 5 days ago What's this hullabaloo around Aishwarya Sharma by media. Please stop it. One article about their wedding news is enough. Audience are smart enough to differentiate reel and real. It's the so called celebrity and media who are not moving on.
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bhanu 5 days ago IF wants us to post our thought on Aishwaryas post, first i want to ask IF to post their thought and reason for writing this BS everyday , You post this BS and people will obviously talk BS and later Aishwarya along with neil again come with their non existing gyan to people and IF will comeup with another article, SO please IF shut your nonsense and people will stop talking about them, According to IF if these two wants to keep their private life private why are you troubling them by making their life public by writing article about them every day , We know you are paid by the article but that doesnot mean you keep writing the same story over and over again with different title,
And IF next time when you go to collect money from that couple please give some gyan on our behalf that Keeping personal life private mean , other than family and friends know one should know about what they are doing, if they pay and publish an article for everything they do and they dont do it is called public news and people have every right to comment on that public news
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linakusharberry 5 days ago ROFL , i mean come on now she is making it evident , they want people to talk about them hype them when they aren't getting any back to playing victim card ,

its your wedding ms sharma enjoy and stay happy rather than trying to instigate and get attention from fans

and also IF never expected that u guys will show favoritism for one actress ayesha is also lead , can we focus on onscreen rather than offscreen , you guys preach us not to talk about actors personal life but issues article on every single thing going on the real life jodi their personal life this shows how professional and unbiased u guys are
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Shivanya.SRats 5 days ago I don't know what goes on in her mind. Clearly she wants attention on and off screen.... girl if you want fans, grow up, polish your acting skills then give interviews.. how ironic she's the one to start negativity and asks us to stop the negativity? Girl...get your priorities straight
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m4manju 5 days ago She comes across really weird. Sympathies with Neil. He could have done better
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nutmeg7 5 days ago Fans? Whose fans? Aishwarya has fans? How sweet ya! She could have messaged those 4 people on WhatsApp na. Why put up a story
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appisuri 5 days ago Hypocrisy nothing else
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AninditaB 5 days ago Pot calling Kettle black lmao
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