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Aishwarya Sakhuja & Ssharad Malhotra Open Up on the Importance of Mental Health Amid Self-Isolation Times

In times where self-isolation has become more important than ever, there is another thing that might be a concern


The recently announced 21-day shutdown in India has certainly taken everyone by surprise but to many it was rather expected too.

However, in times where self-isolation has become more important than ever, there is another thing that might be a concern. Staying in four walls of a house can lead many to become claustrophobic and even depressed at times.

Recently in an interview with Bombay Times, actor Aishwarya Sakhuja opened up on the importance of mental health. She said, “Mental health in our country is still not taken seriously. They think that talking about depression is a way to seek attention. Mental health is not covered in medical insurance as well. There was some weeks in my life when I used to wake up and feel like sh*t. It even scared me to think if I have depression because I had no one to talk to. Thankfully, there are therapists and healers. But Indians still lack sensitivity towards this.”

At this time, when one is confined to their home, it is difficult for people to come to terms with their anxiety issues and they may end up panicking. Aishwarya shares, “The best way to tackle this is workout physically. When you workout, happy hormones are released. You will feel productive. Also filter your news feed. You don’t need to read all articles doing the round. Death news can make you feel depressive. Avoid them.”

Actor Ssharad Malhotra said, “Mental health is important. I am listening to B.K. Shivani's discourses and spending quality time with wife and our dog Musky. Positive thoughts and vibrations are important. The corona scare is frightening but panicking is surely not the solution. One must focus on positive well being. One must value what one has.”

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