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After Sony TV, Zee TV to launch Indian fictional channel!

We already gave you the news of Sony TV coming up with a new channel. To join the league, Zee TV is also set to launch its new fictional channel.

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Yes you have heard it right; After Sony TV, Zee TV is all set to launch a new channel which will have new fictional serials. The parent channel is going to give a tough competition to Sony TV who is also set to launch its new channel by next month.
Our source says, "Zee wanted to launch its new channel since long but now that Sony has already set the time of its new venture, Zee is going to wait patiently and launch its channel by August or November. Nothing has been decided on the launch date."
Zee is already coming up with Zindagi, how different will be this new channel from the latter? "Zindagi has the stories featuring from Pakistan where as the new channel will have stories by Indian producers. The difference is going to be that there won't be daily soaps in it. It will consist of different series with limited episodes like Games of Throne. At least that's what I've heard," adds the source.
"Zee has started taking auditions for the shows which will feature on their new channel. Though they are trying very hard to keep things under wrap as till the official announcement, Zee doesn't want to disclose about their big launch," concludes the source.
Well it's going to be interesting to see the competition between two main GEC channels. Now only time will decide of who wins the race? We wish them luck.


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Koeli 6 years ago i hope it really works... tv industry needs this big change... we are bored with gisha pita saas bahu dramas... limited episodes always mentiains the freshness in a story and even the actors are not stressed out
Alpha_Ka_Gamma 6 years ago Lol Zee has gone mad kya ?? Why are they taking such a risk. ...What if the new channel clicks with Audeince and then their own shows loyal viewers will start shifting to new Channel...It is rather better to start new shows on current channel only ...As such there is nothing much exciting in current fiction line up of Zee
Lady_Impala 6 years ago why launch a new channel when they can just start airing this on its existing channel. if and when it works, what will they do. they will start airing similar shows on its existing channels.
moniloveanupre 6 years ago excited .
hope we see some good change in tv industry .2014-06-21 22:45:00
maaneet_ff 6 years ago hoping to see some positive change on television
-Trishh- 6 years ago Yayy!! Limited episodes. CAn't wait for both Sony and Zee to do this! I have viewed only Zee shows for quite some time, thought I am starting to find some good shows on Sony as well, so I am excited for both
Ladybug10 6 years ago I am waiting for Zindagi channel to start the Pakistani shows have such a fresh & beautiful feel. Really heard looking forward tozindagi gulzar hai & aunn zara. & the best thing is that these shows Air for just 20 - 25 episode which is just amazing.2014-06-21 15:18:57
medha16 6 years ago i hope these 2 channels bring in some positive change to indian tv viewing.
how long will they bore us with their OTT rona-dhonas of gopi bahus n aksharas n the simars...
it seems indian tv is still stuck in the 18th century...plz plz get some sane n watchable shows...
it is funny how everything else is copied from the west but when it comes to good entertainment, they refuse to cater to the sensibilities of the modern generation...instead of showing cheap n slapstick comedy in adapted versions of famous reality shows, they should try to take the right 'inspiration' from their shows...even if copied, at least people will find an inclination to watch them!
surbhi_lvr 6 years ago Yea!! Excited for both channelsBig smile Let's move beyond saas-bahu sagas and the same type of love stories Tongue

I hope both these channels beat their parent channels LOL
-RohitMaxwell- 6 years ago limited episode series which will be very good for indian tv industry
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