After patriotism, Samir Karnik moves to action-thriller

Mumbai, Oct 25 (IANS) Director Samir Karnik, whose 'Heroes' has just hit the screens, is now set to make action movie 'Formula No 44' with good friend Bobby Deol.

Mumbai, Oct 25 (IANS) Director Samir Karnik, whose 'Heroes' has just hit the screens, is now set to make action movie 'Formula No 44' with good friend Bobby Deol.

'It's my first action-packed film. It'd be my first thriller. After a romantic film, then a film about man-child bonding and, a travelogue, I think I need some physical action in my cinema,' Karnik told IANS.

The film stars Bobby Deol, who also featured in his critically acclaimed movie 'Nanhe Jaisalmer'.

Karnik admits that the Vivek Oberoi-Aishwarya Rai starrer 'Kyun! Ho Gaya Na' became a bit of an off-screen joke.

'I got stabbed in the back. The industry boycotted me. It was a pretty bleak phase for me until Bobby came along. His support resurrected my career,' said Karnik.

And now he has dedicated 'Heroes' to Bobby.

'Bobby is the most chilled out guy I've met. Our comfort level goes beyond work. We did 'Nanhe Jaisalmer' together and we've one complete film 'Roshan' waiting for release.'

In 'Roshan' Bobby has teamed up with Kangana Ranaut.

Going back to 'Heroes', Karnik said: 'In 'Heroes', I've cast Bobby and Sunny as brothers. It couldn't be any other way. Everyone from Mithun Chakraborty to Preity Zinta to Dino Morea has offered me full support. I've forgotten the dark period I went through after 'Kyun! Ho Gaya Na'.'

He rubbishes rumours that 'Heroes' is based on Walter Salles' 'Motorcyle Diaries'.

Karnik says it is his own story - 15 years ago he and his photographer friend Anant Vijay Singh took off on a motorcycle journey through Punjab, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh. That journey, undertaken by the two friends to deliver an automobile for the BBC to its destination, has become his film 'Heroes'.

'I don't know why people think 'Heroes' is a remake of 'Motorcyle Diaries'. The only thing in common between 'Motorycle Diaries' and my film is the motorcycle. It could easily have been a truck. In fact, Tata offered us a tie-up. But how would Sohail Khan and Vatsal Seth have looked riding on a truck through India making a film on joining the army?'

That's what Sohail and Vatsal set out to do in 'Heroes'.

'They echo my journey 15 years ago with my friend. While riding pillion with Vatsal, Sohail even has a nasty fall. I've retained the shot in the film.'

'Heroes' is Karnik's love for the outdoors.

'I don't like making my films in studios. I'd rather go out there and feel the breeze on my face. I've always gone into unexplored territory even in my first film 'Kyun! Ho Gaya Na.'

Karnik had to rush-release 'Heroes'.

'When we heard Nikhil Advani's 'Chandni Chowk To China' was being pulled out of the pre-Diwali week, we rushed to grab it.'

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