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After over a year of runtime, this Zee TV show achieves another MAJOR feat

300 & going strong...

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Zee TV does have an array of shows on air currently where a few have of them have been on for a really long time and been almost the flagbearers of the channel, and a few others have been on for a year and two and are still going strong.

Belonging to the latter category are shows like Kundali Bhagya, Ishq Subhan Allah and Aapke Aa Jaane Se among others. While Kundali has been the channel's rating topper, Ishq Subhan has been on and off the top 10 and completed a year of runtime only a couple of days ago.

And finally talking about Aapke Aa Jaane Se, the show has now been on-air for over a year and a couple of months and even though it isn't amongst the highest rating grabbers, the show has been performing really well and has been pretty consistent except for some bumps. On that note, the show went on to achieve yet another amazing feat of completing 300 episodes recently.

Karan Jotwani and Suhasi Dhami along with the rest of the cast were seen celebrating the occasion-

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Indeed an amazing feat, isn't it? We wish the team loads of congratulations.

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ddhyani 2 years ago congratulations to the team
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A1163842 2 years ago This content is hidden.
ddhyani 2 years ago congrats to aapke team. this show is the best show on zee. loving the track now. waiting for sadhika to fight again together. more 300 to come.2019-03-17 20:13:12
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Alpha_Aakash 2 years ago Lol this show is a crapfest and copy of Colors old show Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha. A carefree young boy falls in love with a widow...!!!

Bakwaas double role and bhoot drama. Colors Tu Aashiqui girl ke character name bhi chori kiya..!! LOL
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akash.mbg 2 years ago congratulations Aapke Aa Jaane Se team. Very unique show and amazing casts. All the best ! More way to go..
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Riana31 2 years ago @ArnavMalhotra Dont be so predictable i hate that sitara too lol but what i wrote abt aapke aa jane se read it again... Its a show which has GOOD CONTENT BUT poor execution. Pls first read n then reply !!<br/>P.S - I like SaDika but not the bullshit show and episodes of it lol2019-03-17 13:04:45
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No.1StarPlusFan 2 years ago @Riana31 Actually Sitara is a shitty show with lame vfx and I can't help but be biased towards thief channel Colors. They steal ideas from star Plus and Zee tv. Zee already had a show based on vishkanyas. So yeah I do hate Sitara and all other Colors shows except Roop.2019-03-17 10:49:27
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Riana31 2 years ago Fucking third class with a GOOD CONTENT BUT BAD EXECUTION !!!!... And what nowadays they are showing ghosts and some stupids are liking such nonsense !! @ArnavMalhotra This show is none less than that Sitara shit dont be so biased towards any channel to let down the other channel !!2019-03-17 10:12:19
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sdutt1987 2 years ago I love aapke. Its amazing show & sahil is the best
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No.1StarPlusFan 2 years ago Love Aapke Aa Jaane Se so much. Totally the best show at 10.30pm. Much better than that retarded show Sitara on thief channel Colors.
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