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After Avni's confrontation, it is Dayavanti and Amol's turn!

A split awaits the grandmother-grandson duo.


Star Plus Naamkarann's latest promo has raised the curiosity levels among viewers, as Avni (Aditi Rathore) has found out about Dayavanti Mehta (Ragini Shah) being her father, Ashish's (Viraf Phiroze Patel) killer. Enraged by this discovery, Avni looses her cool and decides to end Dayavanti's terror once and for all. 

But before Avni can do anything, Dayavanti, Diksha and Ketan kidnap her and take her to a temple to literally sacrifice her. 

But Avni fights back and overpowers Dayavanti. She lists every crime of her grandmother and when she is all set to kill her with a sickle, Neil comes and stops Avni. Neil asks Avni to not stoop to her grandmother's level and get her hands dirty. Furthermore, Neil tells her that the law will punish Dayavanti. 

Subsequently, Amol reaches the temple, witnesses the whole drama and gets to know about his grandmother's (on whom he dotes) cruel face. He makes his hatred for Dayavanti evident and tries to harm her by placing a blade on her neck. 

Neil then pushes Amol back and asks him to take control of his anger. 

After this major drama, Neil calls the police and gets Dayavanti, Diksha and Ketan arrested for the attempted murder of Avni and the murders of Ashish and Asha. 

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bajarbattu 3 years ago kya iske baad story khatam ho jayegi? I hope so... because they are showing any crap. In yesterday's episode they showed Neil cutting 3 solid iron bars in flat 10 minutes... like really????
Avneilholic 3 years ago Naamkarann is the best show currently on tv! Loving each n every character ! Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore are awesome as Neil and avni
MFRanjini 3 years ago Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore , both are doing a very good job, very interesting track going on
charlottedias05 3 years ago Naamkarann is an amazing show. Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore you guys are fab as Neil& Avni. Hope the CV's dont screw the story and characters...
MrDarcyfan 3 years ago Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore my new ship AvNeil. You guys are great in Namkaran. So much so I binge watched the post leap episodes in 1 week. It was so good. Namkaran is going well these days and the story is interesting. All the actors are great!
charlottedias05 3 years ago Zain Imam ur awesome as Neil in Naamkarann...
Deepti_98 3 years ago Looks intersting...
Waiting for the time when Neil will take care of Avni post this incident...
Loving Naamkarann these days
Aditi Rathore and Zain Imam rocks as AvNeil
Love them alot
mandy0310 3 years ago Love this twist! I was not expecting Amol to learn about his grandmother as well. I cannot wait to see this. Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore are doing a great job in Naamkarann
A HUGE FAN 3 years ago Good, finally! I really hope DM pays for her crimes!
abinaya98 3 years ago Look at the pace of the tracks in Naamkarann..hats off ..other producers should learn d pace of this show..
Lovely acting by Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore.. you guys are rocking as AvNeil .. continue this ..
Dayanvanti track won't get over soon..m sure she will be back and cause harm to avneil
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