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After applause for Hrithik, Netizens shower praise for Saif Ali Khan in 'Vikram Vedha' as it begins streaming

Netizens have started discussions hailing Saif Ali Khan's performance as Vikram as a masterclass in acting.

Published: Sunday,May 21, 2023 05:00 AM GMT-06:00
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Saif Ali Khan

The release of "Vikram Vedha" on the Jio Cinema app has sent fans into a tizzy. Through all the outpour of love and praise, leading man Saif Ali Khan has emerged as the X factor in the movie. Matching the devilish Vedha played by Hrithik Roshan, Khan has infused in his performance a magnetic presence that sets him apart. In "Vikram Vedha," he once again proves his prowess as he brings the character of Vikram to life with impeccable precision and intensity.

Saif's portrayal of Vikram in "Vikram Vedha" solidifies his status as an actor who has created his own niche. He effortlessly blends charm, intelligence, and grit, breathing life into the complex persona of a sharp and relentless cop. Saif's ability to embody his characters in a way that is both captivating and relatable is what makes him truly irreplaceable. As Vikram, he strikes a perfect balance, commanding the screen with his presence and delivering a performance that keeps audiences at the edge of their seats, hanging on to every word and action.

Netizens have started discussions hailing Saif Ali Khan's performance as Vikram as a masterclass in acting. Social media platforms are ablaze with admiration, as fans dissect every nuanced expression and applaud his ability to bring depth to the character.

Here are some fan reactions after the film dropped on Jio Cinema - 

A Twitter user wrote - Saif Ali Khan with revolver and bullet is on next level🔥

Another netizen tweeted, “ SAIF ALI KHAN completely understands his assignment and every role he plays. Dialogue delivery/swag/action/emotions everything on point.”

Another tweet reads, “ What a movie #VikramVedha 5 🌟  from my side.I wonder why this movie underperformed. Saif Ali Khan gave his heart and soul to this movie” 

Praising the film, another viewer wrote, “ VikramVedha Very nice movie,  very gripping movie till the end. Excellent performances from Saif Ali Khan And Hrithik Roshan. Must watch movie.” 

Fans of the original Tamil - Vikram Vedha are impressed with Khan giving his own spin and layers to the character so beautifully played by R Madhavan earlier. Saif has been able to captivate audiences across different regions, breaking language barriers with his impeccable performance as Vikram. With "Vikram Vedha," Saif successfully bridged the gap between Bollywood and the South, earning admiration and accolades from fans and critics alike, while opening doors to exciting opportunities in diverse cinematic landscapes.

Saif Ali Khan Hrithik Roshan Vikram Vedha 

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