Afsar Bitiya fame Mitali Nag celebrates Valentines with someone special!

"I call my valentine GOOGLE" says actress Mitali Nag.

Afsar Bitiya fame actress Mitali Nag celebrated her second Valentine's Day with her husband Sankalp Pardeshi, who is an Interior Designer by Profession. 

Mitali Nag & Sankalp Pardeshi revealed how their relationship transformed from good friend to lovers, "I had come to Mumbai to 2006 and worked in a call centr. Sankalp was a senior there albeit in a different process. We did not know each other except by name. Then I moved out and did my stuff.  As luck would have, we met few years later during my Afsar stint through a common friend. We then kept in touch through BBM but would never meet as I was busy with shooting. Once when I was returning to Mumbai he came to pick me at the airport and from there we went out for dinner. We hit it off so well that then we started hanging out regularly. He proposed a few weeks later and after lots of to and fro (girls normally get unsure), we finally tied the knot in Nov 2014" says Mitali Nag, who is currently doing Draupadi on DD Kissan channel.

On the question of what makes a relationship tick? She said "Understanding and friendship. Also we never let the romance die. Even now we are more like boyfriend- girlfriend. It is only when his nephew calls me chachi, when the penny drops that we are husband and wife"

Awww...indeed a lovely relationship!

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Comments (11)

You deserve to be happy MITALI NAG !!!

You and Sankalpp are perfect together.

8 years ago

Beautiful couple, Mitali so deserving of happiness and good fortune.

Thanks IF for article

8 years ago

Thanks IF for Valentine's article on MITALI NAG ...She's such a sweetheart and nice to hear from her..

She's doing great job as Draupadi

8 years ago

SOTY was a fun fill but for the best movie award barfi was a better choice even though i thought there were other better films who could of won it! Congrates to Barfi :) Love Ranbir Kapoor

11 years ago

center congrats to barfii tho :3 n thanks to SOTY i fell in love with Siddharth Malhotra. /center

11 years ago

Soty rocks and so does Sidharth malhotra... barfi not bad either

11 years ago

He he!!!! I LOVED SOTY. Esp because of Varun.

But Barfi deserved the award hands down. Simply brilliant.

11 years ago

I don't blame her for liking SOTY!!!!After all, it is more entertaining!!!!!

11 years ago

Barfi was outstanding... But SOTY was something which we can relate to.. Love you varun dhavan.. I am crazy for you..

11 years ago

thou Barfi was a movie par excellence...but for me SOTY is spl coz i fell in love wid varun hayye..:D

11 years ago

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