Aditya to die in Sony TV's Main Naa Bhoolungi!

Samaira to make Aditya believe that he is impotent in Sony TV's Main Naa Bhoolungi.

Sony TV's  Main Naa Bhoolungi produced by Beyond Dreams and Dancing Waters is coming up with a major twist in the tale.  Samaira (Aishwarya Sakhuja) is playing her game cunningly to take revenge from Aditya and she has almost succeeded in doing so. 

In last episode you saw - Samaira tells Sunaina (Papiya Dey) that Aditya (Vikas Manaktala) is impotent and hence they are not living like a husband and wife. Learning about this Sunaina is shocked to know about the truth and is left wondered as to how come Arav is born then.

Now in the upcoming track, Samira has planned a new game to take revenge from Aditya.

Our sources say, "Samaira has planned a new game to take revenge from Aditya as she is giving medicines to Aditya to prove him impotent. But Aditya is unaware about the fact that the reason behind his deteriorating health is just the side effects of the medicines given by Samaira. Aditya is completely fine and normal. Everyone in the family thinks that Aditya is indeed impotent." 

Our source further adds, "Soon in a week or two Aditya will die and Samaira will complete her revenge."

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Comments (13)

Wait...Is the show ending?!!!Nooo!!!!

9 years ago

That would be a pretty bad ending.

Aditya will pass not knowing what Shikha is doing for revenge. He will never learn his lesson.

What's going to happen to Madhu?

At least give it a better ending!

9 years ago

I want to see her realize Neeraj's love for her!!!!

10 years ago

I wished for a happy ending for this show... vikas is tooo hawttt. this sucks.

10 years ago

What?! This is the worst ending ever. Also, its not Aditya's health that's been deteriorating its the overall health of the serial and the makers who have come up with such a strange revenge plan.

10 years ago

I dunno if I believe everything written on this page anymore!! Some of it doesn't make sense, if Aditya dies then what's with the rest of the storyline?? Bakwas ... The show has to end a diff way... Keep it up guys

10 years ago

yeh to bilkul sahi nahi hai. agar zinda rahe ke such nahi jana to kya maza? hamare yaha kahete hai na ki khoda dungar nikla chua wo wali baat ho gayi. itni lumbi story khinch ke gadbad kar diya. Madhu aur Aditya dono ko saza milti to aur bhi maza aata.

10 years ago

Okay so Aditya's death ends that part of the revenge, what about Madhu and how is she going to get her son back? And who is going to tell the family everything?

10 years ago

finally , this revenge thingy came to an end.

10 years ago

@ Masooma - Why would any sane human being lead a happy life with the very same person that tried killing her? (and mind you with no ounce of remorse). :\

10 years ago

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