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Aditya Deshmukh: Celebs should only promote ideas, products, thoughts etc on social media that they believe in

Internet and the advent of social media have changed our lives, says Ziddi Dil Maane Na actor Aditya Deshmukh.

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Aditya Deshmukh

Internet and the advent of social media have changed our lives, says Aditya Deshmukh. The Ziddi Dil Maane Na actor says that every day more and more people are getting hooked to this new revolution.

“I have been following the trend since 2007 when I logged on to Facebook. Things have changed and now people are earning through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more such apps. I think it has become very easy now for a common man. Ek reel banao, aur agar uske thoda acche views aur likes aagaye toh you will get popular and also earn some money. Amid the pandemic, the entire world has become more dependent on social media and that also helps you keep a tab about what is happening around you. Profiles that are verified are also taken seriously,” he says.

People follow celebrities on social media and emulate them, the reason why the former need to think twice before putting anything out there.

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“A celeb needs to be responsible and that is a must. When many celebs urged people to not step out of their houses and adhere to certain norms, many people did listen to them as they saw their celebs also abiding by the same rules. I feel a celeb should only promote ideas, products, thoughts, etc that they believe in as that can make a difference in the society,” he adds.

Talking about the obsession around the follower count, Aditya shares, “I have heard that at times these days casting directors approach artists depending on their follower count. If that is true then I understand the obsession. It has happened with me as well. I was told ki  itne followers honge toh hi kaam milega or profile verified hogi toh hi kaam milta hai etc. But I believe nothing is permanent, the only thing that is your talent, hard work and passion. All these platforms, opportunities etc would come and go. Also, nothing can beat good content and quality anywhere.”

While many feel the world of social media is fake, but then most of wants attention on it. “It's definitely double standard. I see people talking negative about a person but then goes on to his/her profile to check out their posts, like and comment on them. What is the point in being fake? Hum digital level pe itne zyada aage aagaye hai ki hum physical evidence ko nhi mante. It’s not a crime to seek attention on social media, but faking it to grab eyeballs is wrong. One should let their work do the talking,” he adds.

Social media has become an ego massage tool and it is disturbing normal life of actors as they are expected to put out new content on a daily basis. “I think this varies from person to person. Some people do it, some don’t. It’s true that being relevant is more important nowadays, it might be disturbing but that’s how it works. I’m a person who always accepts the change and trend, but then I don’t become a slave of it.”

On trolls and how he reacts to them, Aditya says, “They are trying to do their job impeccably, but since it is of no value, I ignore them. I’m a hardworking person, I get up early, go to work and then come back home. So I don’t have time for all these. Trolling yeh sab chalti rahegi par agar aap apna kaam karte rahe aur insab cheezo pe jyada dhyan naa dein toh yeh cheeze aapko jyada affect nahi karegi. Whenever I feel bad, I just do something that makes me happy. I find trolling kiddish. I know it happens everywhere, it’s like a part of life the only thing is that how you’re going to take it. Remember, someday the same people who troll you will come and appreciate your work. So convert that trolling into appreciation, work on yourself and your skill.”

Aditya Deshmukh

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