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Adam Sandler-Jennifer Aniston's 'Murder Mystery' Sequel in the Works

Netflix will be having a sequel to the film soon.


Courtesy : MovieWeb

If you thought all the massive claims Netflix made about viewership were false, you may be willing to read this news and question your thought. When Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston's movie, Murder Mystery arrived on Netflix, the streaming giant released numbers about how over 31 million households watched the film. As we know, the streamer usually never reveals numbers but it did on this occasion among a few others.

Few claimed how these are just exaggerated numbers but guess what? It might have just been true. Talks about a sequel of the film has been confirmed and there may be a sequel coming in soon. As the name suggested, the film was a murder mystery with Sandler and Aniston playing a married couple who get involved in a pickle of sorts and have to solve the same.

Vanderbilt wrote the movie, which was directed by Kyle Newacheck and debuted on the streaming platform on June 14, 2019. Sander produced with Tripp Vinson, James D. Stern, A.J. Dix and Vanderbilt.

For the sequel too, Vanderbilt is in negotiations to return and pen the script. The goal is to have Sandler and Aniston reprise their roles, although no deals are set and the project is in early development. Sandler has a first-look deal with Netflix and makes the majority of his movies for the streamer.

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