Adaa Khan celebrates her birthday in Turkey!

Adaa Khan’s love for exploring new places and cultures is not unknown. Read on to know more.

- By "Team India Forums"
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Adaa Khan’s love for exploring new places and cultures is not unknown. Extending this love forward on her birthday this year, the Naagin actor celebrated her special day in Turkey.

“I'm in Turkey this time, and it's a very different experience to have a holiday, which is Covid free. I always love being amid nature. This is the biggest escape for me. If I don't travel, I start feeling low,” she says.

While birthdays are happy times, many are bothered by ageing with time. Adaa is one of those who understands reality and knows how to accept it. After all, she is only getting more mature with every passing year.

“Aging is a reality for everyone. No one can escape from it. I know how showbiz works and I'm beyond that pressure. I'm aware one needs to maintain their look and personality and create a balance between personal and professional life. I take good care of myself that is within my capacity. Age is just a number,” she continues about the things she has learnt so far in her life, “I learned not to trust anyone on face value. I'm careful about the company I keep.”

On whether there is a goal that she has set for herself and wants to achieve this year and Adaa is quick to reply, “I want to travel more. And I also want to do a big show, and play a role in a mythological show. Travelling and performing are the two essentials of my life.”