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Actors Seeking Massive Pay Raises Ahead of Season 3 of 'On My Block'

The actors are gonna make some big money indeed...


Breakout success - was the terminology used to describe the surprising acceptance of Netflix's series, On My Block. And now two seasons later, all set to have a third season soon, here is big news coming in.

According to a report in The Hollywood Reporter, the four central stars of the series - Sierra Capri, Jason Genao, Brett Gray, and Diego Tinoco are seeking salary raises that would take them from the $20,000-per-episode fee they earned for the first two seasons to bumps that are comparable with the young ensemble cast of fellow Netflix breakout 13 Reasons Why. The renegotiations have been going on since May, a few weeks after the season three renewal. The cast's options currently have not been picked up for the upcoming season, nor do they have a start date for production.

None of it has been confirmed as of yet and Netflix has declined to comment on the issue.

Will the stars get the pay raises or not is a question for now! Keep reading this space for further updates.

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