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Actors privileged to be a part of CINTAA Elections!

Our popular TV actors namely Divyanka, Aashka and others who have been nominated for the upcoming CINTAA elections, talk about the change which they aim to bring for the actors...

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CINTAA, has roped in popular names for its upcoming elections this year. As known to all CINTAA is the sole body which safeguards the interest of actors in context to Producers and channels. The new lot of actors who are nominated for the elections seem to be quite excited and motivated to be a part of it  and aim for bringing some betterment with respect to the working conditions.

Let's see what the actors have to say regarding the CINTAA elections:-

Divyanka Tripathi

I felt I must become an active part of this system in which I work. I know that it's a huge responsibility. But I am myself a very responsible person so the duty might come very naturally to me. I am an actor so, I am aware about the day to day troubles we  have to go through. We all need a voice which can represent us, the youth. I thought, why not me!

I thought of becoming a complaint resolver instead of a being a complaint box. My qualities that differ me is, I assess myself as a responsible, clear headed and unbiased person. I belong to the team CINTAA 13 with the experienced people like Mr. Pankaj Dheer, Mr Arun Bali and young brigade like Aashka and me. We are looking forward to such a leadership with a perfect blend of experience and youth. We are offering good administration with a new thought process.

Aashka Goradia

The existing committee of Cintaa has taken care of all the measurements that speak in favor of the benefits and welfare of an actor. The whole idea of this blend to combine young and old generations is to keep the younger lot more active, participated in the issues that come as a problem in between, the younger lot can be called as beneficial or for the welfare of the artist. It is not that I have great promises to make by saying that I will bring big change and that I am influential or whatever. But I would like to tell my fellow colleagues and actors that one of us who is working, should be actively participated in something like this so that we are aware about what is happening and what we could do.

I have worked for last 13 years with various networks, various production houses in various conditions, so I know the kind of issues the actors as well as producers face in today's day and time. So I can say that I resemble the youth and the people working in the industry today, I feel their issues need to be addressed that is taking a toll on them in today’s day time.

In short to come as a stepping stone to make people understand that it is not about a fight with any other organization but it is about building a stronger relationship with the producers that benefits them as well the producers. I believe that many seniors have left the legacy behind for the newer generation to take in the administration. I feel that one has to be responsible and so I am marching ahead to take this responsibility and so is Divyanka, we both have similar agenda which is to create peace and harmony amongst the different organizations namely CINTAA or the producers association. 

Jaya Bhattacharya

I have been around here for last 20 years and I have seen the industry thoroughly and properly, I would say that I have a backbone, that I am not a weak personality at all, I have stood up for myself when there has been wrong done to me and also I have stood up for others when there has been problem with them. For solving and doing whatever requires making situations proper and respectful etc. So my personality would be my contribution to the team.

Team CINTAA 13 is a perfect blend of the experienced generation as well as the incorporation of the new generation, thus we are aware about the problems of both the parties that we are working with us. Also the older generation has the experience and strength, we are a bit new but yes we are aware about what is happening and what is not, even we have the zeal to do something which will help to safeguard the interest.

Pankaj Dheer

I am associated with Cintaa for long years now and since past two years I am an active member, with this year elections for Cintaa, I am hoping to bring new changes with respect to the working conditions, better relationship between Producers and actors and even the channels. I owe to bring a better working condition as there are lot of problems that are faced so my attempt would be to resolve it quickly in a manageable way.

Cintaa doesn't believe in promises but in reality as giving great promises doesn’t work in reality, people need to face the truth as it is not that easy task to perform. My effort will be to induct more into active participation for the welfare of the industry with similar agenda for maximum benefits.

Abhay Bhargava

My concern will be to be a helping hand for the improvement of conditions between the actors regarding their issues for payment, timings etc. I will be working in the favor of artists for providing them a better condition in regards to their ongoing issues. There are many problems that actors are facing in today’s life so by joining the committee I would like to understand it and try to resolve the same.

Shagufta Ali

Our seniors are doing really good work and made Cintaa reach at the place where it is today. So get things improved and also the integrity of Cintaa should be maintained and we have to colleagues. We keep working hard. Team Cintaa 13 is a beautiful and perfect blend of experience and youth. We are working very hard and honestly, so even God supports if you are honest and I think being honest will surely work for me.

Gajendra Chauhan

Since last year we have brought many changes be it a prompt payment for the actors or recently started Tatkal service for the artist. Not only this, we are building a Cintaa tower having our own building and offices that makes easy conveyance for the actors and others. Also we a team that visits to sets in every seven days for a check-up in favor of artist and producers that the work flow is going good or not. This time too we will try and build stronger relationship between actors and producers.

Well it would be great to see our younger actors being a part of CINTAA!

Aakruti Damani


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DivianTanz_Divz 5 years ago Wow...that's a really huge achievement Divyanka Tripathi.
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