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Actor Shrenu Parikh Sets an Example By Getting Self-Quarantined Returning India From USA

Parikh was in USA and wanted to return to India before travel restrictions were imposed and that is what she did a few days ago.


The whole of India is currently extremely furious on singer Kanika Kapoor as reports suggest that the lady, who is now detected positive with Coronavirus apparently infected a large section of people too owing to her 'carelessness'  on not being self-quarantined after her return to Lucknow from London.

And while people continue to express their angst on the same, TV actor Shrenu Parikh has actually set an example that should be followed. Parikh was in USA and wanted to return to India before travel restrictions were imposed and that is what she did a few days ago. However, owing to the obvious pandemic of the virus, Parikh not only took all the necessary precautions during her travel but also accepted a 14-day self-quarantine stead.

In an interview with Iwmbuzz, Parikh said, “I have always known about the situation in India with regards to Coronavirus. And of course, I also know what one should do when put to such self-quarantine. The airport authorities too were very organized in their approach. Since I got back from Chicago in America, where there were not many cases, they took my temperature and asked me to put myself to a home quarantine till 28 March. They have given us helpline numbers, in case we show up some symptoms later. They have taken my address and phone number, and keep coming for random checks to look at my health.”

Parikh mentioned how she is equally concerned about her health where she added, "I am at home from the time I landed last Sunday. I am certainly worried about my health. Even during my flight, I took extreme precautions. I took special care of myself. I deliberately chose not to go to Baroda, to my parents’ house, to keep them away from any infection, if at all I have anything.”

Facing the stigma about coronavirus, she faced a bad experience as her society members reported to BMC about her travel and while she co-operated well with the authorities, she mentioned about how people need to understand a few things. "My flat members reported to the BMC about my travel and wanted me to get tested. I co-operated with them, but the point here is that BMC is busy handling people with symptoms. When BMC called me and asked me whether I am symptomatic, I told them that I am not. How will I spread infection? I have this stamp on my hand, where will I run to? If something happens to me, it will happen in my house, right?”

“I have not done anything wrong. I have just traveled. And I am staying in my house, I am not partying, not going out. The stigma and taboo about Coronavirus for travelers are really scary. I feel that people should educate themselves. Coronavirus is not a stigma, but it is a battle for life. Others outside cannot be affected in any way without coming in contact,” she adds.

“Having said that, BMC people are very nice. They are keeping a check on me; a doctor comes and checks, gives a set of instructions. You only get to do the needed test if you have symptoms. So I have not gone through any test as I have no symptoms. Yes, I have got my stamping done, and I cannot go to my house in Baroda before 8 days. I have not stepped into the lift of my house for the last week.”

“Yes, I am stuck in Mumbai for another 8 days. I have finished 7 days of quarantine. I will spend a few more days of lone time, and all will be fine. After 28 March, I will be allowed to travel to Baroda to my parents’ place. They might call me again and check me out. Hopefully, all will be well.”

“On a closing note, I request everyone to co-operate if you have travelled and be careful and in-home isolation, and panicking will only make everything worse.”

We indeed hope all stays fine

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nautankitadka 2 months ago Thank you Shrenu for being such a humble sweetheart, and caring about all of us. God Bless.
Nature-Happiness 2 months ago Thank you for knowing the importance of humanity and life, unlike some people, for whom party is the main priority! Thank you for valuing life and also the people who work day and night to ensure everyone recovers... 🙏
Meena_J 2 months ago Why do other people have to complain about her travel without informing her? She herself said that she is okay. Practice social distancing and she knows how to take care of herself.
...EhSaas... 2 months ago I hope some people will learn from this. Not only celebrities but common people too
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