Abigail turns 'Sweet 16'...

The channel 9X and the cast of Kya Dill Mein Hai, hosted a Birthday Bash part for Abigail, as she turned 16.. The party also had a few surprises for the girl. Catch all the fun here...

The very young and talented Abigail, who plays the role of Kakoon in the 9X serial, Kya Dill Main Hai turned 16 on February 27th! On this occasion, the channel and the cast hosted a grand Birthday Bash for the pretty girl.

Surrounded by her friends and cast of the serial, Abigail cut the ‘Chocolate’ cake and the atmosphere on the sets was mind-blowing and chilled out. But, all the celebration came only after Abigail got the ‘Scare’ of her life!!

The channel authorities and her friends, with the help of few in the media came up with a ‘Prank’, which all started with the media questioning Abigail about her ‘real’ age, as it was speculated that she was actually 25 years old and not 16! An amused Abegail tried to defend herself on this, when another storm blew her off the feet, when many started to question her about ‘the boy’ in her life! Even when the girl explained that such a person does not exist in her life, her co-star and friend Aamir Ali commented that the guy who was in Abegail’s life was in fact a divorcee!! The girl could just manage to keep smiling as all her friends accepted the fact that she was having an affair. As expressions changed on Abegail’s face, after minutes of non-stop argument coming from all present, Aamir Ali went out to bring her ‘love’ into the room, and got a big poster of Abegail’s favorite man, ‘Brett Lee’. Here you go; Abegail had a sigh of relief on her face as she hugged Aamir and of course, Brett Lee

Talking about the Birthday bash, a thrilled Abigail says, “It was very sweet of them to celebrate my birthday this way. I feel very special!!.” When asked to remark about the prank played, the birthday girl states, “Initially, when it started, I thought it was a prank, but as it went on, I got scared because everyone present there were playing their part so well. Even my friends knew about the prank, but I had no clue of it. But at the end of it, all was great fun!!”

Well, Abigail being the true prankster on sets, so how was it to be at the receiving end? “It was great fun to be on the other side, for a change. I have played so many pranks on all of them, I think they decided to give it back to me this way”, says Abegail as she laughs.

Talking about her plans for her birthday, the bubbly girls exclaimed, “I am not working today, so will spend the day with my family. I guess we will all go out for dinner”.

Last but not the least, we talked to Aamir Ali, her co-star in Kya Dill Main Hai and asked him about the prank he was part of. “It was not my idea, the channel came up with it and I just went with the flow. It was really good to play it on Abigail; she is so much into playing pranks on others, so it was great to see her on the receiving end today”, commented Aamir.

Well, 'All’s Well that ends well' and Telly Buzz wishes Abigail a Very Happy Birthday!!

Reporter: Melanie
Author: Srividya Rajesh
Pictures: Supriyo Das

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Lots of debates,lots of arguments!But no one can deny the fact that Shahrukh is the greatest superstar of bollywood.He has proved it many times.i don't agree that he is over-rated.He truly deserves what he has achieved.

16 years ago

Thanks....amir n hrithik rock!
but come on actresses are also gud no! they are awesome in their own ways

16 years ago

yup i totally agree with the article, no everyone is a superstar and that it takes a great deal of work to become one. Not just one hit gets you to be a superstar it has alot more to it. Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan and Hrithik Roshan really are the true superstars of bollywood.

16 years ago

salman amir hrithik saif n akshaye khanna are mah fav's...i agree irfaan khan is completely underated..n shahrukh..urghhh OVERRATED!!!!!!

16 years ago

well u r ryte shelly,...dat is y i havent mentioned any actress..bcoz no producer can rely on actress..not bcoz its a male dominated industry but also audience will hit into theatres to see only thier movie...the recent example is Aaja Nachle....it was madhuri's comeback and still it is a flop...so u can imagine..well there are many good actreess my favourtes are madhuri kajol and rani and sushmita.. but still i sin mentioned them bcoz they are not saleable alone.....i am sorry but thts the truth....

16 years ago

yes i agree with your lost of waanbe and superstars completely however the last catagory i dun think saif belongs theere after he took his break 4rm movies he has been going 4rm strength to strength i think he is a movie star by far and as far as shahid is concerned he needs to find his own identity and be a lil more original rather than imitate or emulate other actors and i notice there isnt any mention of bollywood actresses is this because bolly is male dominated and distributors do not rely on the female protaganists/actresses in attracting the audiences or is becuase of the lack of good talented actresses??

16 years ago

i dnt think john abraham is a wonna-b.. he might not b a start in the media's eyes but he is in myns.. i find his acting + dancing skills superb!

16 years ago

watta bout rani and preity and katrina and malika sherawat, and so one??

16 years ago

Great Article. But we are forgetting best of best is Nana Patekar. How can we forget him? How about Anil Kapoor?

16 years ago

The article is very true except the statement that John is a wannabe!!! He is not constantly in the news and he gives good movies and his acting is also very good! I think he is the superstar of tomorrow!!!

16 years ago

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