Abhishek Malik and Vibha Anand share an intimate scene in MTV's Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan!

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan fans will get to see something they have never seen before on the show.

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan fans will get to see something they have never seen before on the show. Sources reveal that there is an intimate scene on MTV's Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan between the lead couple Abhishek Malik and Veebha (Vibha) Anand. Though the on-screen couple have been great friends for a while, the crew did notice an air of awkwardness between the two. The actors were extremely professional during the lick-lock scenes, even though there were more than ten re-takes taken.

The show well-known for its modern-day twist will definitely grab eye-balls after this episode/post this episode.
Viewers will be in for a treat with the upcoming episodes of MTV's Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan. The temperature rose on MTV's show, Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan as we got glimpses of the kissing scene between actors Abhishek Malik and Vibha Anand. The youth based show is known for shrugging archaic taboos. The on screen couple Abhishek and Veebha who have been friends  for a long time, performed the intimate scene of lip locking in no time with great confidence and ease.

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SugarDream 6 years ago some People here have to grow up i am not interested anymore in cat fights because it brings nothing and i have to say insecure Girls are here if you are jealous because this Show is better than yours be quiet please! Afterall we are not in such a world where kissing is not allowed i think it is alright to Show kissing Scenes and bold Scenes so accept it and i found this Scene not acceptable because of my own reasons because of the Girl navya and they dont Show kisses for TRP how childish are People here the manik and nandini kiss was something else that had a meaning and kaisi yeh yaariyan has a Story it is about friendship and it is real and i find it more real than other Young Shows i am glad sometimes that i dont live in india and that i am living in europe because here we see everything different
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Vinnisaanvi 6 years ago Awesome show...keep going ...all the best for ur future guys..all are acting fabulous...hats off u guys
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Heavens_Kiss 6 years ago It is time Indian TV starts showing bold scenes but the actors must be able to pull it off! The actors in the said article cannot. It ends up looks icky! No offense but Randhir and Sanyukta are like Channel V's couple royalty and the channel edited the scenes on the one couple that could pull it off! Thank you Channel V!!
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-zozo- 6 years ago Not really, I disagree with the "viewers will be in for a treat" statement because I honestly tried very hard to hold back my lunch whilst watching them "do the deed" (for all the kiddies out here LOL)... Harshad revolts me, he's the definition of a pig, which tbh in comperison is an offense to the animal... Basically he thinks with his dick, and then mourns in the corner over his shitty life, like dude u brought it upon urself... Oh and navya, that naive lost girl needs to be educated PLEASE..

@Shibz. You know I wouldn't have a problem with such opinions if these people bothered to give the show a watch or just kept their traps shut because apparently 'the makers of this show allure viewers and show such bold content to get trps'... I mean it's not that difficult2014-11-16 15:59:17
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diva82 6 years ago Veebha is one of the leads, I agree but this is not the LEAD pair. Lead pair is Manik and Nandini (Manan) aka Parth Samthaan and Niti Taylor and FAB 5 are the central leads.
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shibz 6 years ago @-zozo- That's a fan of the rival show! Don't bother.. they're like..hum kare toh raas leela..dusre kare toh character dheela #InsecureSouls

Edited(Not allowed to make another comment..so)-

@zozo. I know..but they are blinded by love for their favs..so they cannot have an unbiased opinion on another show. I've seen nasty comments of them on different sites about KY2. I don't expect mature behavior from such ppl! There are reasons why KY2 appeals to ppl of diff age groups. It's a beautiful show overall & the characters have their own charm!2014-11-17 03:47:13
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shibz 6 years ago I hadn't read the article before.. Well I-f reporters need to get updated already! It's been over 3 months since the start of the show & there is no article on the lead PAIR MaNan or the Leader of Fab 5 Manik aka Parth Samthaan. Navya is for sure a lead but THIS is not the lead couple! -_-
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arshikyy 6 years ago kaise yeh yaariyan rocking show love parth n niti acting manan rocks
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slyther_in 6 years ago Watching the show only for Fab 5 members n Niti.
Kaisi yeh yaariyan rocks!
Parth, Niti luv u
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meghnas 6 years ago Kaisi yeh yaariyan is awesome! love Parth and Niti!
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