Aasiya Kazi and her connection with the letter 'S'

The actress, who has had a great inning on the small screen has a connection with the letter, S.


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Aasiya Kazi who is currently seen in Tenali Rama has a deep and very strong connection with the Letter 'S'. The actress who commenced her acting career with Bandini in 2009 as Santu might have done with the show long back but her attachment with letter 'S' continues 10 years later too..! 

Most of her character names commence with 'S', starting from her first show Bandini where she played Santu, Saudamini in Matti Ki Banno, Shweta in Hitler Didi, and her most recent character name Sharda in Tenali Rama. Aasiya shares, "I had never realized earlier about the letter 'S' connection until I took up Tenali Rama. It suddenly struck me that most of my characters are from 'S'. And Touchwood all these shows have done well."

Sab TV's Tenali Rama is a historical comedy that is inspired by the fables of the court poet of the same name who was especially popular and unbeatable for his wit under the reign of King Krishnadevaraya.

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